UPFRONT: Thomas Motta for smart magazine

UPFRONT: Thomas Motta for smart magazine

Client Smart Magazine // Smart ForFour Brabus
Advertising Agency K-MB Creative Network
Location Genf
Model Emilie Salvaridis “My Big Geneva”
Photographer Thomas Motta c/o upfront photo & film

UPFRONT : Trekking for SportXX, climbing Eldorado Yosemite Valley, SMART magazine, JÄGERMEISTER Premium Line, PR material for singer ALEXA FESER, Landliebe reportage for NETTO, portraits & lifestyle

For the Swiss client SportXX, Jan Eric once again realized the motifs for the areas of trekking and running. We bring you a small selection. The executive agency was Inhalt & Form. SportXX is a Swiss retail company for sports articles with 54 stores. The assortment at SportXX includes sports shoes, sportswear and sport equipment from brand-name manufacturers as well as their own brands. sportxx.ch

Then it was once again time to "Get out...

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