UTART Midnight Bouquet Wallpaper

UTART Midnight Bouquet Wallpaper


Update your home's interior with this made to measure Midnight Bouquet wall mural. For a more minimalist dark floral wallpaper, choose this on-trend Midnight Bouquet wall mural. With subtle tones of white, blue, grey, black and even hints of lilac, you have a choice of colours to base your décor on. Imagine navy blue tables and chairs for your dining room, white duvet covers with blue scatter cushions for your bedroom or a navy blue chimney breast in your lounge - features that are subtle yet striking at the same time. Don’t forget to reflect the shades of grey with monochrome room accessories. A steel lamp or hairpin chair legs will fit in perfectly. You can buy this floral wallpaper over the phone or online today. To make your fabulous custom-made wallpaper, we need your wall’s dimensions. Measure three areas of the length and width – sometimes walls can vary in size. If you order a few more inches or cm, at least you’ll be sure your wallpaper will cover the entire wall. We also ask you to crop the part of the image you want to see. Don't forget, your choice of wallpaper material as well. We have paste the wall or peel and stick wallpaper to choose from. Every wallpaper mural we produce is printed on demand to your wall dimensions and is unique to you. We don't hold stock. Product Code: 1448/0509458-1 https://www.wallsauce.com/designer-wall-murals/midnight-bouquet


UtART Wall Design - Vintage- Tapeten von Uta Naumann

Uta Naumann wurde in der historischen Stadt Dresden geboren und ist eine Designerin, die sich für romantisches Vintage-Design und zeitlosen Glamour begeistert. Nachdem sie ihre Kindheit in der sächsischen Landeshauptstadt verbracht hat, zog sie 2015 nach Leipzig.

Im Laufe der Jahre hat Uta ihre Entwürfe um ihre Liebe zur Natur, zu Farben und Blumen entwickelt. Sie lässt sich von antiken Illustrationen von pharmazeutischen Pflanzen...

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