Zusammen Stark

Zusammen Stark

Client BMAS
Production Hetzner Produktion // Uwe Hetzner
Advertising Agency BUTTER Berlin
Art Director Alejandro Marquez
Art Buyer BUTTER. GmbH // Paul Seitz
Post Production Vividgrey
Styling Cathrin Sonntag
Photographer Clemens Ascher c/o Claudia Bitzer

Claudia Bitzer : The 'We're making Germany stronger together' campaign for Butter Berlin, South Tyrol Tourism, FERRARI Special in an industrial ambiance, a kiss special for the New York Times, and an homage to Bruno Munari

'We're making Germany stronger together' – is the slogan to advertize the new projects of the German Federal Ministry for Labour and Social Affairs. The photos for it were shot by CLEMENS ASCHER at the film studios in Babelsberg, Germany – with real letters from the set builders and lots of people, including Labour Minister Andrea Nahles.

At a shoot for South Tyrol Tourism, OSCAR VAN DE BEEK met up with famous mountaineer and author...

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