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L // Paris
C // CGI, Post Production, Photo Prod
"Turning ideas into reality since 1996." Continental Productions is a creative global production company based in Paris, producing all types of image content for print, film and digital platforms. With more than 1500 projects organised in Europe and across the world in partnership with leading advertising agencies and international...

# 'A Winter’s Tale' - the OMEGA WATCHES Lifetime Winter campaign of the Swiss luxury watch manufacturer with production support from CONTINENTAL Productions

# NEW C3 WRC 'Back to the Race' commercial by CONTINENTAL Productions

FR-75009 Paris gosee.us/continentalproductions


L // London
C // Photo Agency
Darling Creative is a photographic agency based in London. Representing: Andrew Woffinden, Mark Sanders, Neil Gavin, Matthew Shave, Gyslain Yarhi, Elizabeth Weinberg, Jen Osborne, Dylan Don, Sven Jacobsen.

# 'Get the London Look' - Matthew SHAVE c/o DARLING CREATIVE with beauty motifs for RIMMEL London

# 'Face Lace' advertizes with beautiful Dutch model Hanne Van Ooij, Matthew SHAVE c/o DARLING CREATIVE photographed two PHYLLIS COHENS beauty looks

# Model Georgie Hobday in the 'Dream Factory' of VOLT CAFÉ magazine - photos by Matthew SHAVE c/o DARLING CREATIVE

# More beautiful than ever - actress and brand ambassador Gabriella Wilde presents the MAPPIN & WEBB jewelry collection - with photos by Matthew SHAVE c/o DARLING CREATIVE on GoSee

# TATLER magazine wishes a particularly elegant Happy Easter – the accessory photos for 'Don’t call me fluffy' were delivered by photographer Amy CURRELL c/o DARLING CREATIVE

# 'Gentlemen's Choice' - bag stills for SMYTHSON by Mark SANDERS c/o DARLING CREATIVE

# Heads up men! The BILLIONAIRE COUTURE collection 2017 for the playboys, fortune makers and empire builders of the world, photographed by Dylan DON c/o DARLING CREATIVE

# The GRAFF 'Venus' and its magical 118-carat diamond heart - the photo for the world premier by Matthew SHAVE c/o DARLING CREATIVE for TELEGRAPH

# Force of nature S/S 2017 campaign shoot for Dutch multibrand store PAUW by Mark SANDERS c/o DARLING CREATIVE

# 'Major Matte' – London Girl Poppy Gotcha for the new RIMMEL lipstick. We have the motif by Matthew SHAVE c/o DARLING CREATIVE for you on GoSee

# Dress or not? That is the question - photographer Dylan DON c/o DARLING CREATIVE stages the F.R.S S/S 2017 collection

# Model Nimue Smit in HARPER’S BAZAAR NL - photos by Zoltan TOMBOR c/o DARLING CREATIVE

# Personal work by stills photographer Amy CURRELL c/o DARLING CREATIVE

# Beautiful Dutch model Meike Siemonsma in the personal work by Mark SANDERS c/o DARLING CREATIVE for you on GoSee

132 - 134 Lots Road
GB-SW10 ORJ London gosee.us/darling-creative


L // London
C // Advertising, Agent, CGI
JSR ARE A PHOTOGRAPHER, ILLUSTRATOR, DIRECTOR AND CGI ARTIST MANAGEMENT AND PRODUCTION AGENCY. Our people are select, we represent them because they prize their craft and excel at what they do; together we are a team capable of delivering across all platforms, formats and budgets. We put into each job the kind of heartfelt energy...

# 'Real Whitening' - the PEARL DROPS campaign by PEROU c/o JSR AGENCY celebrates the smile in all of its facets on all channels

# Three times 30 beautiful seconds for PURE LEAF TEA - the commercials by food photographer and Director Jason LOWE c/o JSR AGENCY

Unit 3, 4 Lever Street
GB-EC1V 3QU London gosee.us/jsragency


L // Paris
C // Fashion, Kids, Lifestyle
LISE ANNE MARSAL started in this business as a hair and makeup artist 20 years ago. It's a world I love and understand, even though it is sometimes crazy and superficial. I started photography late in my career, simply with my children, their cousins and friends in my home state of Massachusetts and on vacation in Maine. I love...

# Lise Anne Marsal photographs a 'Melvis' special for French GALA at the Lido Cabaret in Paris with a hint of glam from Las Vegas

6 rue boyer barret
FR-75014 paris gosee.us/lise-anne-marsal


L // Bern
C // CGI, Retouch
Patrick Salonen, born in 1977 in Bern, lives and works in Thun and Bern (Switzerland). After the founding of his own Postproduction-Business in 2004 he made a name with campaigns for Clients like Audi, Volkswagen, Deutsche Bahn, DHL, Credit Suisse and many others. Patrick Salonen is specialized in high-end Postproduction and...

# Patrick Salonen : Post production for the Aargau Tourism campaign – fascinating landscapes, impressive nature and medieval locations including castles and palaces

Represented by Kombinatrotweiss
CH-3600 Thun gosee.us/salonen


L // Stuttgart, London
C // Advertising, Stills, Transportation

# Steffen Jahn photographs the BMW 1-Series sedan launch campaign in China for Serviceplan China

Mörikestrasse 24
DE-70178 Stuttgart gosee.us/jahn


L // Oslo
C // Model Agency
The Fashion Management (TFM) is a globally-recognized and respected talent management company. We have made a name for ourselves as an industry innovator, offering some of today's leading names and services within the fashion industry, and cutting edge creativity. Established in 2004, we now have offices in Europe and Asia...

# 'Hot Couple' - Model Astrid BAARSMA c/o TFM Models with a double dose of beautiful color in COSMOPOLITAN USA, the beauty spread by Tom Schirmacher

# Danish model Mathilde BRANDI c/o TFM Models in the BA&SH S/S 2017 campaign, with photographic proof by Fred Mylan for you on GoSee

# Time to explore - male model Max BARCZAK c/o TFM Models in the HUNTER S/S 2017 campaign, two photos by Matteo Montanari on GoSee

# 'A Love Life' - model Julija STEP c/o TFM Models uber-in-love in ELLE Hong Kong, photographed by Thiemo Sander

# 'Pave the Way' presents straightforward fashion with minimalist silhouettes on model Patricija ZILINSKAITE c/o TFM Models in TATLER Hong Kong, with photos by Krisztian Eder

# 'The new Girl' - model Zoe GEGOUT c/o TFM Models and the S/S 2017 fashion vibe in COSMOPOLITAN UK, with photos by Daniel Nadel & Senior Fashion Editor Sairey Stemp

# Etro, Calvin Klein, Caruso, ... The trendiest It-men styles of the S/S 2017 season brought to you by cool Diego MONCADA c/o TFM Models in DT LUX magazine, photos by Pedro Rus & styling by José Lupa

# 'All That Glitters' - model Anna LUND c/o TFM Models presents Van Cleef & Arpels & Co. in an accessory spread for HARPER´S BAZAAR, photos by Kenneth Willardt & Fashion Editor Amanda Alagen

# 'Neverland' - model Giane ALVES c/o TFM Models in FOREST magazine, photographed by Benjamin KAUFMANN c/o ROCKENFELLER & GÖBELS

Konows Gate 5
NO-0192 Oslo gosee.us/tfm-models