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L // Warsaw
C // Make-up, Photo Agency, Photo Prod
Why are we different? Anna Fronckiewicz-Spodnik founded AFPHOTO over 8 years ago in response to an increasing demand for professional photo services. Over the years the company has grown into a creative hub for visual communication professionals from all walks of life including not only photographers but also graphic designers.This...

# Actress Małgorzata Foremniak in PANI magazine – photos by Mateusz STANKIEWICZ c/o AFPHOTO

# Natural beauty - sensitive fashion & beauty editorial by Sonia SZÓSTAK c/o AFPHOTO

# A love story by Ewa Chodakowska in VIVA magazine. Photos: Mateusz STANKIEWICZ c/o AFPHOTO

# 'You'll All Dance Dancehall!' - Lila Janowska in the F/W SINSAY campaign. Produced by AFPHOTO

# City hairstyle spread in FASHION magazine with trendy hairdos by hair expert Gor DURYAN c/o AFPHOTO

ul.Lwowska 2/8
PL-00-658 Warsaw gosee.us/afphoto


L // Vienna
C // Illustration Agency, Photo Agency
Pictures awaken one’s desires and dreams, they enliven texts and explain content. Our focus is communication with the help of illustration and photography. For our clients, we visualize the tangible and intangible content. For publishers, advertising agencies, marketing departments, lawyers and hospitals we make visuals for packaging,...

# A Day to Remember – Best of CAROLINESEIDLER illustration from 2007 to 2017, GoSee congratulates the Vienna-based illustration representation for its 10 Year Anniversary !

Ortliebgasse 2 / 49
AT-1170 Wien gosee.us/carolineseidler


L // Berlin, New York
C //
GoSee.SHOP supports photographers and similar artists with a platform to present their unique artwork to editors, agencies and photography aficionados for editorials, campaigns and fine art. GoSee.Shop ensures a smooth transaction from the first purchase request to the acceptance of the purchase by the shop owner.

# GoSee Tip : 'Milli Bau – Seidenstrasse'. With a VW Van on the Silk Road, Milli Bau's journey shows almost 20 years of cultural and contemporary history in a book which just appeared at KERBER Publishing



L // Hamburg
C // Film Rep., Photo Agency

# 'Giants in Helsinki', the summit now appearing in MERCEDES-BENZ magazine - captured in photos by Jan VAN ENDERT c/o NERGER M&O

# The PORSCHE brand book – with photos by Heiko RICHARD c/o NERGER M&O

# 'Crossover by RENAULT' – the Europe-wide RENAULT campaign with photos by Jan STEINHILBER c/o NERGER M&O

# NERGER M&O now represents Christoph SPRANGER, lifestyle, people & advertising photographer based in Berlin

# The PEUGEOT 308 catalog with photos by Jan STEINHILBER c/o NERGER M&O; we have a selection of his works for you on GoSee

# New PEUGEOT 308 GTI catalog photos by transportation photographer Jan STEINHILBER c/o NERGER M&O

# 'Pure Pastel' by BETTY BARCLAY – the photo for the fragrance, photographed by Daniel SCHROEDER c/o NERGER M&O for advertising agency Ofenstein

# 'Boy or Girl?' - two animations and one motif for the DM 'Lucky Child' campaign by Brita SÖNNICHSEN c/o NERGER M&O, agency: Schipper Company

# Particularly fluffy – the PHILADELPHIA Mousse campaign motif, photographed by Jan KORNSTAEDT c/o NERGER M&O for the agency JWT

# SHOPBOP Summer styles from the TORY BURCH RESORT collection shot by Magdalena WOSINSKA c/o NERGER M&O

# AIA and CARRERA - lifestyle shoots by Magdalena Wosinska c/o NERGER M&O

# Hollington Lookbook, Menswear collection photographed by EDISONGA c/o NERGER M&O

# Dinner party and food photos by Ragnar Schmuck c/o NERGER M&O

Jütlandring 31
DE-22419 Hamburg gosee.us/nergermao


L // München
C // Post Production, Retouch
ra/re [ uncommon / unique / remarkable] A picture that comes alive. A brand which becomes a feeling. A face that spells beauty. Ramona Reuter is ra/re. (And) ra/re transforms postproduction into an individual affair. Freelancing since 2009 she’s navigating the commercial sector as well as the...

# 'Ready for the hypercar' is Mercedes-AMG CEO Tobias Moers in GQ - post production of the portraits by RAMONA REUTER

# Model Rebecca Leigh Longendyke in a fashion editorial for GRAZIA Croatia, photographed by Magnus Lechner – post production by RAMONA REUTER

# 'Man of Class' – the RAGMAN campaign by photographer Michael MUNIQE c/o AGENTUR NEUBAUER relies on the post production skills of RAMONA REUTER

DE-München gosee.us/ramonareuter


L // Sao Paulo, München
C // Director, Advertising, Fashion
Sacha Tassilo Höchstetter - photography&film - 1972 born in Munich, Germany. 92 University - entrance diploma, Wasserburg am Inn 93 study of psychology Munich 95 study of english, London 96 move to Berlin, starts as a photo assistent at: Stefan Geiser and Frank Wöllfing-Seelig 97 move to Sao Paulo, photo assistent at: 97...

# Style is a journey. JOOP! F/W 2017/18 campaign and lookbook photographed by SACHA TASSILO HÖCHSTETTER


# 'Knockout' - model Maria Imizcoz uber-sexy in COULTIQUE magazine, photographed in Munich's Box Kitchen by SACHA TASSILO HÖCHSTETTER

# 'A Trip In A Bag' - Rob Green in the F/W Lookbook of 04651. Photos: SACHA TASSILO HÖCHSTETTER

Jahnstrasse 5
DE-80469 München gosee.us/sachahoechstetter


L // Oslo
C // Model Agency
The Fashion Management (TFM) is a globally-recognized and respected talent management company. We have made a name for ourselves as an industry innovator, offering some of today's leading names and services within the fashion industry, and cutting edge creativity. Established in 2004, we now have offices in Europe and Asia...

# The ARMANI CODE CASHMERE fragrance campaign, with model Julija STEP c/o TFM MODELS as tender as a flower in the main role

# A last goodbye from Summer 2017 : Model Anna LUND c/o TFM MODELS completely enchanting in cowgirl beauty mode for WONDERLAND magazine, photos: Buzz White

# Model Niki TREVILOVA c/o TFM MODELS was the star of the cover spread in ELLE Romania, photos: Michael Groeger

# Beauty Mathilde BRANDI c/o TFM MODELS totally relaxed at the pool for ELLE Denmark; we have five motifs for you on GoSee

# 'Hot Summer Style' – the brilliant beachwear cover editorial in ELLE Denmark with Mathilde GOEHLER c/o TFM MODELS

# Poolside fashion in the FINANCIAL TIMES 'HTSI' and 'His For Her' in MADAME starring model Auguste ABELIUNAITE c/o TFM MODELS

# Minta-Mania - photogenic pinstripe alert in GLAMOUR Hungary with model Petra HEGEDUS c/o TFM MODELS, photos: Norbert Zsolyomi & styling: Judit Pinter

# 'Sheer Perfection' in ATTITUDE mag and a swimwear editorial in GRANDE magazine - with a double dose of male model Miro CECH c/o TFM MODELS at his fittest for you on GoSee

# 'Romance About Lovers' – the black & white love story in VOGUE Russia featuring male model Max BARCZAK c/o TFM MODELS and Atty Mitchell, photos by Misha Taylor

# GoSee postscript : Model Kamila HANSEN c/o TFM MODELS in the June cover story of GLAMOUR Italy, photos: Giovanni Gastel

# 'Place To Be' – the fashion story in MEN'S HEALTH Serbia brings you male model Alex GAVRILOVIC c/o TFM MODELS, photographed by Milos Nadazdin

# 'Summer's Most Wanted' – model Mildred GUSTAVSSON c/o TFM MODELS captivatingly colorful and impressively glamorous in the fashion editorial in INFLUENCER magazine, photos: Greg Swales

# 'Carpe Diem' – the editorial with summer vibes in TALKIES magazine featuring male model Giovanni BONAMY c/o TFM MODELS

# 'Vitamin Sea' – model Anouk HAGEMEIJER c/o TFM MODELS in the refreshing beachwear editorial of GRAZIA NL

# The beauty spread to dance into the sundown with model Myrtille REVEMONT c/o TFM MODELS for HARPER'S BAZAAR Serbia, photos: Ivan Genasi

Konows Gate 5
NO-0192 Oslo gosee.us/tfm-models


L // Bruxelles, Hamburg
C // Advertising Agency, Film Prod, Photo Prod
Satisfaction is a Belgian independent bureau that develops/creates/crafts multi-faceted Brand projects all around the world. We work for global markets, creative strategy, campaign and assets for accounts such as Lee, Remy Cointreau, Bridgestone, Eastpak, ITUC, Grazia.... are elaborated and conceived in our bureau for their...

# THE SATISFACTION : 'Re/Discover Worklife' launch of the LEEJEANS Asia Fall & Winter 2017 campaign – we bring you the print campaign and commercials on GoSee

Avenue Besme, 107
BE-1190 Brussels gosee.us/the-satisfaction


L // Frankfurt
C // Illustration Agency, Photo Agency
WILDFOXRUNNING is an interdisciplinary artist management company based in Frankfurt, helping numerous clients bring their creative ideas and projects to life. We will source the right people for your brief and work hard to guarantee a smooth workflow tailored to your needs and budget. Constantly on the lookout for exceptional creative...

# Wildfoxrunning : S.OLIVER FRAGRANCES, BMW Motorcycles 'Make Life a Ride', VW ARTEON, Delphi Lux Kinos Berlin Opening, ROTKÄPPCHEN, EASY CREDIT, ADIDAS BERLIN, FORBES MAG JAPAN, illustrations for LEMONAID, and Les Duchesses de Mayenne

Kaiserstr. 69
DE-60329 Frankfurt/Main gosee.us/wildfoxrunning