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The Maserati Levante Trofeo - photographed and filmed by transportation specialist JEFF LUDES as a personal stills & motion project on GoSee

Levante is the name of a wind that blows across the Mediterranean, changing in force from one moment to the next. The new Lexus Levante Trofeo SUV expresses that same power with its breathtaking acceleration. JEFF LUDES staged a blue Maserati Levante Trofeo on a week-long shoot in the desert landscapes of southern California, in front of Los Angeles cityscapes and along the coast. “With plenty of car-to-car shooting, my small team and I were able to move fast and cover a variety of options with a cinematic perspective.”
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Jeff Ludes photographs Lincoln models Nautilus and Navigator on the dramatic streets of the California desert and against a modern architectural backdrop for the agency Hudson Rouge

GoSee member JEFF LUDES staged the models LINCOLN NAUTILUS and LINCOLN NAVIGATOR in the desert against a modern architectural backdrop on commission for Hudson Rouge.

“With my team, I spent a couple of hot and windy days in the California desert around Palm Springs. Shooting for the Lincoln brand's social media channels meant a refreshing and loose approach to the project, moving fast, and really conveying the mood of the vehicles and location. For the powerful Navigator, I shot on dramatic roads at sunrise. And for the sleek Nautilus, a beautiful modern home was chosen, giving plenty of unique opportunity to play with light, shadows and reflections.'

Responsible from Hudson Rouge were Creative Director Kevin Teevens, Assoc. CD Stephen Wright and Art Buyer Sara Gold.
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Jeff Ludes realized a hybrid project with stills & moving images for INFINITI USA in Los Angeles (2019 Genuine INFINITI exterior accessories) – four dynamic videos & photos on GoSee

JEFF LUDES and his team realized an extensive project for INFINITI with stills & moving images. They realized four dynamic videos and photos presenting INFINITI's accessory and design highlights, all produced in his home base, Los Angeles. 'The specs called for a huge variety of shots, some captured as stills and some as video. I was very busy shooting all the stills in addition to directing the entire project. Once the dust had settled, SpotBot tied it all together in a unique way,' the photographer tells us. We present you the result on GoSee. More videos by Jeff can be seen on Vimeo, stills are available on his website and you can read the news on GoSee.

On INFINITI, we read : 'Explore 2019 INFINITI exterior accessories, including INFINITI chrome and carbon fiber accessories, and stand out fast. All Genuine INFINITI accessories are developed and manufactured to INFINITI exacting standards, adding style, convenience and capability to your INFINITI. For additional ideas, watch below. See more Genuine INFINITI accessory videos here.'
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