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Jeff Ludes photographs the Hyundai Santa Fe for Innocean USA – on a road trip along the Northern California coast with lush forests and dreamy towns

An impressively roomy interior, high-tech comfort, cutting-edge driver assistance systems: When the new Hyundai Santa Fe takes off, it leaves the daily grind behind. A place for you, your loved ones and moments to remember. Now in its fourth generation, the successful model sports a European look, smooth contours, lots of chrome, and elegant proportions. Jeff Ludes photographed the new Hyundai Santa Fe in Northern California and presents the result here on GoSee.

“The project was a true Northern California road trip, with remote locations dotted along the rugged coast. Each shoot day was carefully planned to not only cover the extensive shot list but also to allow time for freestyle exploration – shooting talent, car-to-car, or anything else that caught my eye,” the photographer tells GoSee. The agency was Innocean USA with Creative Director Pat Zimmerman and Art Buyer Barb Sanson.
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'Lighter, stronger, faster.' Jeff Ludes was on the road crosstown in San Francisco with the McLaren 720S

Jeff' Ludes' latest personal project is all about the simply incredible McLaren 720S – red of course. And Jeff' Ludes asked himself, “What goes better with this styler car than the bustling streets of Frisco? So he and his team sped this super car up and down the city streets all day long. With nothing more than a vague idea when he first arrived, Jeff Ludes followed the light and his intuition – enjoying every beautiful angle and curve on the McLaren.

About - The McLaren 720S
is a British sports car designed and manufactured by McLaren Automotive. It is the second all-new car in the McLaren Super series, replacing the 650S beginning in May, 2017. The 720S was launched at the Geneva Motor Show on 7 March 2017 and is built on a modified carbon chassis, which is lighter and stiffer in contrast to the 650S.
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JEFF LUDES photographs the Lincoln MKC in southern California and presents inspiring impressions from his Japan trip on GoSee

Jeff Ludes photographed the Lincoln MKC. "We recently spent a few days in Southern California wine country with the new Lincoln MKC model. The schedule allowed time not only for the prescribed list of car beauty shots but enough room for me to work hand-held with the talent for a variety of unplanned moments. A small emergency arose when wildfires in the region forced the cancellation of the production's road permit, but swift action by the production, and creative postproduction solutions from me made sure that the shoot wasn't compromised at all," the photographer tells GoSee.

He also presents us beautiful photos from his trip to Japan. "This series is the result of my recent travels to Japan, where I collected snapshots all along the way. I kept an eye out for beautiful sheetmetal as well, always pleased to capture a striking car in a natural environment."
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