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The Chainsmokers present 'Who do you Love' featuring 5 Seconds of Summer - the handmade video for the American hit band by MUSKETON c/o JSR AGENCY

 For the lyrics in the music video of the new CHAINSMOKERS Song 'Who do you Love' ft. 5 Seconds of Summer, MUSKETON c/o JSR AGENCY put the creative pedal to the metal. The shoot took more than 30 days, and each of the 375 words were created by hand.

JSR AGENCY tells GoSee : "No fonts were used in the making of this video. 397 spray cans were used to transfer all the words onto a wall. That same wall now has around 1000 layers of paint. Musketon and his team of two hand-drew 1962 frames to create this animated video." And MUSKETON continues on GoSee : " The clip was produced in Belgium in the middle of winter, which means freezing temperatures. Frozen hands were painful, but the result is so worth it. Thanks to The Chainsmokers for giving us 100% creative freedom in creating this video for them."

The Chainsmokers is an American future bass duo from New York, consisting of DJs Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall. In 2014, the duo celebrated their global breakthrough with the song #Selfie. For the version with music, right this way :
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'Light and Free' by 4 artists - the DANONE campaign for the UK, illustrated by Neil STEVENS c/o JSR AGENCY

 Illustrator Neil STEVENS c/o JSR AGENCY was granted the rare opportunity of an open brief for the Danone campaign presented on GoSee. For the ‘Light and Free Ink’ campaign, which runs until the end of March in the UK, DANONE worked with four British artists across four different disciplines – street artist Nerone, designer Morag Myerscough, illustrator and lettering artist Justin Poulter as well as graphic artist Neil Stevens. Each artist has designed bespoke packaging. As a bonus, each package has a code for scanning the personally curated Spotify hotlist of the respective artist.

“The Light & Free brand stands for positivity and self-expression, and we’re very excited to be celebrating this with our new limited-edition packaging designed by artists,” says Marine De Chanterac, Brand Manager at Danone. “We partnered with four incredible UK-based artists who use ink as a way of self-expression. Each artist, unique in their style, designed packaging for two of our eight flavors, bringing their own creative talent to our playful range. The designs are brought to life through digital, in store and TV, celebrating each of the eight flavors and the personality of our brand.”
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Do you want chilis with that? Model-lover Chef Isaac Carew on the March issue of GQ UK - photos by PEROU c/o JSR AGENCY

'How Isaac Carew got the food world at his feet' goes the title of GQ UK in March. Celebrity Photographer PEROU shot the British GQ cover and editorial featuring hot Chef (and boyfriend of superstar Dua Lipa) Isaac Carew for the March 2019 issue. From profession a successful male model and as of recently the latest successful chef de cuisine and now with a new book 'The Dirty Dishes'. GoSee the interview : and/or GoBuy the book :
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