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The Denim Collection by AVON'S JEANETIC RANGE – photographed by Matt HIND c/o JSR Agency

AVON on its JEANETIC RANGE: "Introducing JEANETICS (these jeans will change your life!  And they are from Avon!!), Avon fashion is moving forward in leaps and bounds with the introduction of this revolutionary Jeanetic hybrid denim collection that you won’t find anywhere else! Using the iconic style of denim jeans with the laid back comfort of joggers this range looks like denim on the outside yet feels like joggers on the inside! Perfect to step into your comfort zone and get the durability of denim combined with the soft stretch of joggers, for jeans that flex and fit around your busy lifestyle." 

So they look just as good as they are to wear, Matt HIND c/o JSR AGENCY photographed the UK Jeanetics, 'a revolutionary hybrid denim collection'. The motifs are used in brochures, print, online and in social media.
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BECK'S Be Kreativ presents you the showcase with illustrator Greg COULTON c/o JSR Agency

Greg COULTON c/o JSR AGENCY tirelessly created this hand-drawn illustration as part of Beck's BeKreativ campaign, for which they commissioned six of their favorite artists to create bespoke limited edition Beck's labels. Greg Coulton says: "With giants such as Gilbert & George, Damien Hirst and Tracy Emin just to name a few, it’s impossible not to have noticed Beck’s pioneering artistic achievements. To join this line-up of amazing collaborators is a massive honor and privilege." 

Illustrator Greg Coulton's work for Beck's bespoke 'Be Kreative' beer label project has been featured on Digital Arts. We quote Digital Arts: "German beer brand Beck's has always had links with design talent, with bespoke labels over the years the likes of Gilbert and George, Jeff Koons, Damien Hirst and more. This year, they're back at it, commissioning new labels from some of our favorite talent for their Be Kreativ campaign." 

Greg about his artwork: "The inspiration for my Art Label came from the insight that Beck’s is brewed according to historic purity laws using only four ingredients. So I asked myself, “What else follows a similar rule of purity through limited ingredients?” My answer was simple, if epic in scale: organic life! Four basic elements make up over 99% of organic molecules – carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen. When combined, the multitude of life is incredibly complex and varied,..." Go & See the showcase here: & read the article: 
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'It's about time!' – Henrik KNUDSEN c/o JSR AGENCY photographs the new DR WHO campaign – and meet JSR AGENCY on Friday, 19 October 2018 at UPDATE!8BERLIN

 The 13th reincarnation of legendary British BBC One series star Dr. Who is breaking with tradition in that, for the very first time in the series' history, a woman is now playing the role of the Time Lord. Actress Jodie Whittaker is taking over the role of Dr. Who from Matt Smith. Photographer Henrik KNUDSEN c/o JSR AGENCY London traveled to Cardiff for the shoot at BBC Wales Studios. The motifs are used on all channels imaginable. Sci-Fi fans heads up: The new season starts on 7 October!

For all of you who don't know: Doctor Who is a British sci-fi television series produced since 1963 by the BBC. Doctor Who is about a mysterious time traveler known only as 'The Doctor'. He travels with his companions in his time machine and spacecraft TARDIS, which is disguised as an old emergency police booth and gets involved in various adventures.

If you want to personally interview JSR AGENCY on Dr. Who or photographer Henrik Knudsen and other agency artists – then come to UPDATE!8BERLIN on 19 October 2018. JSR AGENCY and GoSee are looking forward to seeing you!
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