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M&M’s Crispy Honeycomb - built by Cream Electric Art c/o JSR AGENCY

'Catch Me Before They Buzz Off!' – the CGI team from Cream Electric Art c/o JSR AGENCY realized the feel-good character including animation for the launch of M&M’s Crispy Honeycomb. JSR AGENCY will gladly present works by the award-winning studio in person at UPDATE-19 BERLIN on 15 November.

About – Cream Electric Art is a multi-award winning creative production studio based in sunny Sydney. We work with clients worldwide to create striking and beautifully crafted assets that span a broad range of still and moving content, including interactive, VR and AR.“We formed just over a year ago when two of Australia’s most celebrated production specialists, Electric Art and Cream Studios, jumped into bed together bringing their collective talent under one roof. Directors Bruce, Caroline, Inness, Steve, Piete, and Karl bring around 200 years of combined industry expertise to the table to lead their team of talented, multidisciplinary CGI artists, retouchers, animators, and producers.”

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Karol BANACH joins the JSR roster - the illustrator presents intricate patterns, bizarre characters, organic shapes & surreal worlds

JSR Agency is delighted to welcome new entry Karol BANACH. “Karol Banach has joined the agency. Karol is a Poland-based illustrator with a love of patterns, whimsical characters, organic shapes, and surreal, imagined worlds. Adobe blog describes his work: 'While he tells us that his earliest childhood doodles of dinosaurs and cars were simple, his work today conveys complex, richly detailed scenes that make us smile and think. His pieces grace book illustrations, posters, and murals, and his clients include major international companies, from Ikea to American Express, The Washington Post, and Samsung.'”

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Global ASICS campaign by Satoshi MINAKAWA c/o JSR AGENCY and JSR CONTENT on GoSee

Sports photographer Satoshi MINAKAWA c/o JSR AGENCY and JSR CONTENT were commissioned by ASICS to realize a global campaign for the launch of a new ASICS running shoe. “Shot in Valencia over the course of three days, Satoshi created a suite of images celebrating the Japanese philosophy of 'Ten People. Ten Colors.' as ten different runners with ten uplifting, emotional stories to debut the new shoes. To support these stills, JSR Creative Partner, Simon Amster shot ten 15-second social media films, bringing these stories to life and creating a consistent, integrated campaign to be used across all media and in stores internationally. The rollout across all media and in stores has led to Asics' most integrated launch ever, creating a global campaign that debuted across the world in June 2019. Initial results suggest a significant increase in recognition on the new lines both in stores and across social media,' says JSR AGENCY.

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