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news | BMW Group Design presents the BMW VISION M NEXT – A combination of photography, CGI cars, studio images, 360° imaging, and short animations

THE POWER OF ATTRACTION. THE DESIGN OF THE BMW VISION M NEXT. For the BMW Vision M NEXT, the BMW design team turned to the iconic BMW Turbo and the groundbreaking BMW i8 for inspiration, leading to the future-focused interpretation of design elements. Here on GoSee, the BMW Group with Creative Director JULIA OBERMEIER stages the BMW VISION M NEXT in visionary visuals. Behind the camera stood Agnieszka Doroszewicz c/o SEVERIN WENDELER, and post production was taken care of by PX Group.

The BMW Vision M NEXT gives a preview of what the electrified future of the BMW M brand might look like. Unlike the BMW Vision iNEXT, which showed how autonomous driving will change life on board, the BMW Vision M NEXT demonstrates how digital intelligence can make the self-determined driving experience purer and more emotional. The exterior underlines this aspiration with its sports car proportions while the interior consistently focuses on the driver.

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