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#SingleNotSorry - Ruben RIERMEIER c/o JULIA WALDMANN photographs the latest TINDER campaign on commission for the agency Kemmler Kemmler Berlin

TINDER is the trendy mobile dating app that makes meeting new people nearby easier. It is used for sparking a flirt, making new friends or hooking up for non-committal sex. Tinder belongs to Match Group Inc. headquartered in Dallas.  Ruben RIERMEIER c/o JULIA WALDMANN photographed the #SingleNotSorry campaign for the agency Kemmler Kemmler Berlin presented on GoSee.

Client: Tinder, Advertising Agency: Kemmler Kemmler, Creative Director: Martin Lang, Art Director: Karola Booß, Producer: Vanessa Tomm, Styling: Linda Engelhardt, Hair: Attila Kenyeres, Make-up: KATJA MAASSEN c/o Liganord, Set Design: Grace Nicholas, Photographer: Ruben Riermeier c/o JULIA WALDMANN
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Matthias WEHOFSKY c/o JULIA WALDMANN photographs a lifestyle spread for the Federal Ministry of Health

Good nursing, health care and prevention: As the highest authority, the German Federal Ministry of Health is responsible for a providing a functional health care system in Germany. In the interest of patients, the ministry maintains and further develops the quality of the health system: e.g. by ensuring secure statutory health insurance and safe drugs. The Ministry is headed by Federal Minister of Health, Jens Spahn, and the two Parliamentary State Secretaries, Sabine Weiss and Dr. Thomas Gebhart, as well as Permanent State Secretary, Dr. Thomas Steffen. The motifs presented here were photographed by Matthias WEHOFSKY c/o JULIA WALDMANN and produced by Claas Cropp Creative Productions. GoSee:
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SKINS COSMETICS Amsterdam with an exciting niche brand concept - photos, set design and styling by Mathilde KARRÈR c/o JULIA WALDMANN

Mathilde KARRÈR c/o JULIA WALDMANN photographed for SKINS COSMETICS, the innovative premium skincare and cosmetics retailer from Amsterdam. Mathilde was once again in charge of set design and styling at the shoot.

About - SKINS COSMETICS. In 2000, Skins Cosmetics caused a revolution in the Dutch cosmetics retail world as the first store in the Netherlands to exclusively sell niche brands which had previously not been available in the Netherlands. GoSee:
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