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Lena BURMANN and Stefan THURMANN, both artists c/o JULIA WALDMANN, photograph dm Drug store's own brand campaign

On commission for Schipper Company, Lena BURMANN and Stefan THURMANN, both artists c/o JULIA WALDMANN, realized the people and still motifs for dm drugstore's new own brand campaign. Both shoots took place at the same time in the Luk photo location. Responsible for art buying and production was Anne Weskamp. dm-drogerie markt GmbH & Co. KG is a German drugstore group. With around 3500 branches and 59,000 employees, dm is the largest drugstore group in Europe. On GoSee, we present you the first motifs published. GoSee:
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Survival of the finest - Mathilde KARRÈR c/o JULIA WALDMANN photographed the vintage jewelry collection for THE BOYSCOUT, Rotterdam

"Vintage is a sport in durable fashion that we’re taking up. We started scouting vintage items a while ago and continue to keep our eyes open. We feel that you should be able to combine the old with the new. Here’s our first selection of one-of-a-kind, solid-gold trophies." For THE BOYSCOUT, jewelry and fashion accessories from Rotterdam, Mathilde KARRÈR c/o JULIA WALDMANN photographed the motifs for the vintage jewelry collection. GoSee :

About - The Boyscouts is a fashion accessory label from Rotterdam promoting elegance in urban life. Contemporary fashion meets the aesthetics and tradition of scouting in our worlds and every collaboration we present. We want to create a lasting product, on demand, with the exclusivity you deserve. Therefore, we chose to no longer work within the traditional fashion rhythm. Instead, we continuously present jewelry trophies in three worlds: Classics, Essentials and Particles. To enrich our world, we visit those of others. In our collaborations we take on new visions. By using high quality and durable materials such as sustainable silver and fair-trade gold we claim our place in the world.
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