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JULIA WALDMANN : Edeka by Jung von MATT, adidas China, DOGS MAG, new entry Mathilde KARRÈR with stills for Bistro Belén and a fragrance spread for Capital magazine

For adidas China, Gian Paul Lozza c/o JULIA WALDMANN photographed several campaign motifs. Stefan Thurmann c/o JULIA WALDMANN photographed an Xmas motif for EDEKA and Jung von Matt, plus Stefan Thurmann c/o JULIA WALDMANN for the magazine DOGS.

New at JULIA WALDMANN is still-life photographer and GoSee member Mathilde Karrèr, with a residence both in Berlin and Rotterdam, who has just photographed for Bistro Belén and a fragrance spread for Capital mag.

Plus, Julia Waldmann presents personal works by Felix Wittich, Matthias Wehofsky and Ruben Riermeier here on GoSee.
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'Talking Mona Lisa' - BMW launches its new Intelligent Personal Assistant in front of Paris' Centre Pompidou, photos: Felix WITTICH c/o JULIA WALDMANN

For the BMW marketing campaign Intelligent Personal Assistants, BMW teamed up with the one and only Mona Lisa – for which the perhaps most famous work of art in the world was displayed on an enormous interactive video screen on the square in front of Paris' Center Pompidou where the usually mildly knowing and smiling Mona Lisa patiently answered the questions of passers-by in three different languages – including facial expressions and gestures. Felix WITTICH c/o JULIA WALDMANN was commissioned to capture the effect on the passers-by. We have his live documentary for you here on GoSee.

Mona Lisa is used as part of BMW's advertising campaign for the Intelligent Personal Assistant, which will be along for the ride as a "digital passenger" in several BMW models come March 2019. According to BMW, the assistant assists the driver in operating the vehicle by controlling vehicle functions on demand. For instance, when the AI is told "Hey BMW, I'm cold", it adjusts the temperature in the vehicle. Plus, it can respond to demands such as "How does the High-Beam Assist system work?", explain product features of the car, help to find a parking space, and take care of drousiness and well-being of the driver with a revitalization program using light, temperature and music effects against tiredness.

"With the Mona Lisa installation, we have managed to transport an icon of world culture into the 21st century and by doing so give the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant a stage with worldwide appeal," says Stefan Ponikva, Head of BMW Brand Experience Shows & Events. "The result is a striking symbol of how innovative connectivity features and language assistants are transforming our world and human-machine interaction." The campaign was supported by Jung von Matt/Next Alster. See the spot for the event here:
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