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MyTaxi has become FREE NOW – the campaign was photographed by Ruben RIERMEIER c/o JULIA WALDMANN on commission for the agency Jung von Matt

FREE NOW gives you freedom of mobility in an app: scooters, bikes, car sharing and, of course, taxis. Free Now is a mobility solution provider based in Hamburg. It’s predecessor, Mytaxi, was first founded in 2009 as an app exclusively for taxis and has been a part of the new mobility joint venture between Daimler and BMW since February 2019.

FREE NOW is active today in 100 cities throughout Europe with more than 100,000 drivers: “The brand FREE NOW not only moves from point A to point B, it provides a captivating experience while we take care of the journey.” At the moment, FREE NOW has 700 employees in 26 branches across Europe and is helmed by  Marc Berg as the CEO of FREE NOW Europe. The campaign was photographed by Ruben RIERMEIER c/o JULIA WALDMANN on commission for the agency Jung von Matt.
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‘A cleaner planet starts at home’ – Mathilde KARRÈR c/o JULIA WALDMANN photographs for KINFILL Sustainable Homecare

KINFILL was created as an answer to the alarming problem caused by single-use plastics, harmful chemicals and unnecessary CO2 emissions which dominate the cleaning industry. KINFILL is an innovator in the area of cleaning products and manufactures biodegradable homecare essentials. The brand develops eco-friendly concentrates to mix with tap water at home. All Kinfill cleaning products are both customer- and planet-friendly. Photos: Mathilde KARRÈR c/o JULIA WALDMANN. GoSee : kinfill.com
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For a great start every day! – Stefan THURMANN c/o JULIA WALDMANN photographs food stills for the classic BUKO cream cheese by client ARLA on commission for the agency Spring Production

Creamy? I’ll take it! Arla Buko® has stood for cream cheese for 66 years. Seventeen delicious varieties and only natural ingredients, fresh taste and various levels of fat. The latest motifs presented on GoSee were photographed by Stefan THURMANN c/o JULIA WALDMANN. ARLA, by the way, is among dairy farmers who deliver the majority of milk. Why? Because Arla Foods is a cooperative – in which farmers not only deliver the milk, they are also 100% ARLA owners. GoSee: arlafoods.de//buko/noch-cremiger
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