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Greenpeace 'Rang-tan' TVC with speaker Emma Thompson by MOTHERLONDON advertises a petition against deforesting the rainforest for cheap palm oil

From shampoo and chocolate spread to laundry detergent: palm oil is found in many products from companies such as Nestlé, Mondelez and Unilever. But far too often, palm oil is accompanied by rainforest deforestation in Indonesia. MOTHER LONDON produced an animated film with spokeswoman Emma Thompson, who wants to raise awareness for the new Greenpeace petition against the use of palm oil. In tropical countries, rainforests are cleared, valuable habitats are destroyed, and large quantities of greenhouse gases are released by slash-and-burn or drainage. The corporations are supposed to be forced to rethink and change their policy with the petition. Oscar-winning production company Passion Animation Studios is responsible for realization.

'Greenpeace brings the rampant destruction of rainforest habitat in Indonesia to grow palm oil into the spotlight with a 90-second animated film, narrated by Emma Thompson. The focus of the story is a young orangutan called Rang-tan who brings the complex issue of rainforest destruction for palm oil to life; she is displaced into an unfamiliar world, a little girl’s bedroom. Through her interaction with the little girl, Rang-tan shows us the severe destruction that deforestation for palm oil has had on her home. The film is also accompanied by a story book'. Go & See & Act ! Just:
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No7 'Ready For Anything' TVC with Olympic fencer Monica Aksamit and No7 'Ready for Today & Tomorrow' with surfer Lisa Andersen from MOTHERLONDON

No7 'Ready For Anything'  - See the power make-up gives Olympic fencer Monica Aksamit in this new advert for No7. Wearing make-up for her and her alone, we never actually get to see Monica’s full face under the mask – instead we see an impressive display of the power and energy that comes from feeling Ready For Anything on the inside.

No7 'Ready for Today & Tomorrow' : The latest chapter in the No7 Ready series showcases age-defying surfer, Lisa Andersen. We watch the 49-year-old 4x world champion as she scales a mountainous wave before surfing the epic peak. Her arduous climb, a powerful metaphor for the daily challenges she faces, delivers an inspirational story of a woman who conquers the hurdles to keep doing what she loves, no matter her age.
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'New Wonders Can Come Out of the Blue' - the IKEA 'Spinning Cups' TV Commercial by MOTHERLONDON

Spinning Cups' is the first of three parts in the ‘Out of the Blue’ (the "blue" of course being Ikea's giant Frakta bag) campaign for IKEA. In this new product-focused approach, we encounter the IKEA Frakta bag as a magical device that brightens up an afternoon knitting session.
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