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CODELLO "the happiness brand" Fall/Winter 2019 campaign – styling: Katalin Kiss

CODELLO, the happiness brand, designed in Munich and made with love, has relied above all on one thing since 1980: Quality. It all started back in the 1920s when company founder and namesake Rinaldo Codello brought his passion for silk scarves from Italy with him to Germany. Ever since, the CODELLO fashion label has stood for amazing accessories with a heart full of attention to detail. Today, CODELLO sells a wide variety of highly fashionable foulards, scarves und accessories in around 50 countries at CODELLO's specialist and retail stores – not to mention its online shop.

The CODELLO Fall/Winter 2019 campaign was styled by KATALIN KISS. It was photographed on model Malaika Gerke by Jette STOLTE c/o MARLENE OHLSSON.  Katalin Kiss is represented by the agency Phoenix. Production, art buying, casting, and coordination came from Bees'n Trees. GoSee :
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Summer for the skin... Katalin Kiss styles the HESSNATUR S/S 2019 lookbook

The HESSNATUR Spring/Summer 2019 lookbook stands for linen from head to toe – well, that and captivating organic cotton. But back to linen: HESSNATUR has been a sponsor of the Hessian Linen Project since 2005, which is dedicated to re-establishing organic linen in Germany and beyond. The motifs for the original fair fashion label were photographed on model Carolin Sünderhauf by Petra Fischer. CD and AD was Torsten Gatterdamm, and styles came from KATALIN KISS. Hair & make-up: Kerstin Huesges c/o Nina Klein.

For centuries, linen was grown and used to make clothes, particularly in Europe. By the mid 19th century, it had been almost completely replaced by cotton, which was cheaper and easier to process. In recent years, the flax-based fibre has been enjoying a renaissance, and the textile industry is rediscovering its cooling and moisture-regulating properties. In 2005, hessnatur launched an ambitious linen cultivation project together with the Darmstadt Research Institute and the Hessian Ministry of the Environment. Now, several farmers are growing flax the traditional way with great love and care, so that hessnatur can harvest and organically process a crop of exceptional quality.
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'Fall must-haves' – styling of the CODELLO Fall/Winter 2017 campaign by KATALIN KISS; we have a first motif for you on GoSee

Jette STOLTE c/o MARLENE OHLSSON PHOTOGRAPHERS photographed the Fall 2017 must-haves from the tradition label CODELLO. Model Amelie Lund Nilsson was styled for it by KATALIN KISS. Codello stands for trendy scarves, shawls and bags. Production and casting came from Bees`n`Trees, with hair & make-up by Arzu Joncek. Go & See:
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