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news | featured by ART ACT : Katrin FUNCKE c/o ART ACT illustrates for the NEW YORK TIMES as well as for the weekly column in STERN

Picturesque portrait of Barbara Strozzi, a Venetian composer and singer, who would be celebrating her 400th birthday for the NEW YORK TIMES and three motifs from the weekly column ‘Diagnosis’ in STERN mag, in which unusual diseases are explained. Artwork by Katrin FUNCKE c/o ART ACT for you on GoSee.

About – Barbara Strozzi was said to be “the most prolific composer – man or woman – of printed secular vocal music in Venice in the middle of the 17th century.” Her output is also unique in that it only contains secular vocal music, with the exception of one volume of sacred songs. She was renowned for her poetic ability as well as her compositional talent. Her lyrics were often poetic and well-articulated. Barbara Strozzi (also called Barbara Valle; baptized on 6 August 1619 – died 11 November 1677) was an Italian singer and composer of the Baroque Period. During her lifetime, Strozzi published eight volumes of her own music, having more music in print than any other composer of the...

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