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news | Frank Kayser produces 'Rain Dance' film with the Porsche R Gruppe 'Merry Band of Misfits' in the California Bay Area - and offers a one-stop shop for concept, production, filming, photography & social media

With 'Rain Dance', FRANK KAYSER presents to us at GoSee the first part of an extensive project that was developed with PORSCHE and the PORSCHE MAGAZINE Christophorus. The exciting part of the development is that he and his team provide for every aspect of the project: concept, production, filming, marketing, photography, and social media content such as YouTube trailers and Instagram posts in different sizes and formats.

The members of the R Gruppe in California have been indulging their particular passion for Porsche for the past 20 years – and neither poor weather nor the opinions of others will keep them from it. Founder Cris Huergas is the keeper of the code. The Porsche enthusiasts chose the German name 'Gruppe' on purpose, rather than the English 'group', in homage to the 1967 Porsche 911 R. Equipped with the motor of the 906 Carrera 6, it is a cult object for the Gruppe and the model for admission tickets: all Porsches until 1973.

"The R-Gruppe is the hottest Porsche...

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