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MERCEDES AMG Driving Performance - for ads and showroom design photographed by Frank Kayser

AMG - these three letters stand for maximum automotive performance, exclusiveness and dynamic driving pleasure all over the world. Frank Kayser photographed dynamic motifs of the MERCEDES AMG, the high-performance brand that builds the most powerful series models in the Mercedes-Benz vehicle program. The photos are also on display as XXL prints in showrooms worldwide.
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'LeMans 2016' FRANK KAYSER photographs for PORSCHE MOTORSPORT the factory teams and the dramatic finale at the 24-hour race of Le Mans

Once again, Kayser Photography officially accompanied the PORSCHE factory team to Le Mans where he photographed motifs for international advertisements and other advertising measures. During a week of intensive preparation and a 24-hour material frenzy, the photographer and his team were able to capture impressive moments. The photos reflect both the beauty and the toughness of the fight for seconds.

Frank Kayser and his team also returned with great photos from Le Mans, very exhausted but also more than happy about the new triumph. The victory of the PORSCHE HYBRID 919 factory car was sealed only 3 minutes (!) before the end of the 24-hour marathon due to the failure of the Toyota car which was in the lead up until then (distance: 5233536 km). We have the highlights here on GoSee, and several more photos can be found on the website of the photographer and will soon appear as book – details are coming soon.
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Frank Kayser photographed the new 'Spearhead' Porsche 911 RSR on the circuit as a dynamic eye-catcher

“The most spectacular 911 of all times” - is how the trade press acclaims the new PORSCHE. The new 911 RSR, which will stir up the GT Class scene in 2017, was completely revamped. This is the first time a Porsche 911 race car is driven by a mid-engine. The vehicle is equipped along with new suspension geometry also technological gimmicks such as a collision warning system to alert drivers particularly at night in high-speed races like Le Mans.

“The Spearhead concept became the central and most important topic of development for Porsche. The visual concept and appearance of the vehicle had to thus represent the primal force and aesthetics of the Porsche 911 RSR,” Frank Kayser tells GoSee, who dared to ride the canon ball and shot dynamic eye-catcher motifs on the circuit, which are all over the media at the moment. “A magnificent car, so it wasn't hard to take laid-back photos.” Frank sums it up.
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