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'Yvonne Most – Memories of the Others', appearing at KEHRER Publishing

As the granddaughter of a family from Sudetenland, Yvonne Most pursues her family roots photographically. More than three million Germans from the Sudetenland were driven away from their home countries after WW2 in a Diaspora spreading them all over the world. Yvonne was compelled to find out more about their flight and the fate of her family. In doing so, she discovers connections to collective experiences from traces of memory and historical research. Her photo series opens up a new perspective on the region, a landscape with deep scars, which is constantly evolving.

The challenge was finding a way to combine a hybrid of a documentary photographic narrative with fragments from present day life in terms of content and form. The photographer is interested in the incomplete, the imperfections, and what happens or does not happen on the periphery. The photo series raises questions about the artist’s own biography and enables the viewer to reflect on his or her need for an old and new homeland

About - Yvonne Most (*1981) studied photography at at the Kunsthochschule Halle and the Ostkreuzschule in Berlin and works as a freelance photographer for numerous magazines, including Neon, Nido, and ZEIT Campus, and as a lecturer at, among other places, C/O Berlin.
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GoSee Book Tip : 'Vladimir Antaki – The Guardians' – visits newsstands, kiosks and mini-shops from Beirut, Berlin to Bordeaux and Mexico or Venice Beach and Montréal, appearing at KEHRER Publishing

Kiosks, newsstands or mini-shops tell you a lot about a place. The shopping experience here is more authentic than in large retail chains due to the people who cherish and care for their very special spaces. For his series of works entitled The Guardians, Vladimir Antaki traveled across Europe, the Middle East and America, photographing shopkeepers or “Guardians”; keepers of what Antaki terms “urban temples”, unique spaces which, in an age of cookie-cutter, corporate shops, hearken back to an earlier time and mode of urban life.

Antaki creates visually arresting portraits of the Guardians in their urban temples that make the viewer connect to the beauty of these often forgotten spaces. Antaki believes that these temples are the heart and soul of every city; they are what gives the urban center its uniqueness in time and place. There is also a duty of memory associated with these spaces because so many of them are closing.

The book published by Kehrer is a collection of portraits and statements by 45 shop owners and craftsmen from Beirut, Berlin, Bordeaux, Istanbul, London, Mexico City, Miami, Montréal, New York, Paris, Philadelphia, Toronto, and Venice Beach. We have a preview here on GoSee, and more is available on Vimeo.

From the foreword by Edward Burtynsky: “Through his photographic survey, Antaki addresses the social value and fragile nature of individualized work in an increasingly homogenized, consumerist society. In our highly technological era, where the past is quickly forsaken by a lust for the newest, latest, and greatest, the economic conditions supporting those purveyors of our quirky cultural ‘heirlooms’ are gradually becoming more tenuous. Work places themselves are increasingly democratized, depersonalized and scaled-up for the sake of commercial efficiency. The artist sees this, and he responds. The Guardians tell their stories, but also implicit in these images is the close association of each person to the articles they have surrounded themselves with, which prompts us to consider the psychological relationship between each subject and their created environment. Antaki steps deeply into the treasured realms of these individuals. With his acute perception of the present moment and a gentle curiosity, he eloquently takes stock, allowing us privileged access to the idiosyncratic wealth of the Guardians.”

Vladimir Antaki (*1980 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) grew up in Paris and studied art history and film at La Sorbonne. In 2003, Antaki moved to Montréal, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in visual and media arts from UQÀM in 2007. The Guardians was exhibited in public places in France, Canada and the US. It won an Infopresse Lux prize in 2013 and was selected to represent Canada in The Other Hundred, a photo-book curated by the Global Institute For Tomorrow. In 2018, The Guardians was on display at TheAlternative and at Institut Français in Beirut, Lebanon.
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GoSee loves ...Terje Abusdal 'Slash & Burn' the multiple award-winning photography project about the mysticism and modern identity of the Forest Finns as a must-have illustrated book by Kehrer Publishing

Terje Abusdal (* 1978) received the prestigious Leica Oskar Barnack Award 2017 for his photo series "Slash & Burn". The project is available as an illustrated book from Kehrer Publishing. The Norwegian started "Slash & Burn" as a final thesis at the Danish School of Journalism – and it developed into a long-term project. During his three-year research term, the photographer delved deeper and deeper into the tradition of the Forest Finns – now a state-recognized minority in Norway.

Finnskogen – which directly translates to “The Forest of the Finns” – is a large, contiguous forest belt along the Norwegian-Swedish border, where farming families from Finland settled in the early 1600s. The immigrants – called Forest Finns – were slash-and-burn farmers. This ancient agricultural method yielded plentiful crops, but required large forested areas as the soil was quickly exhausted. The Forest Finns’ understanding of nature was rooted in an Eastern shamanistic tradition, and they are often associated with magic and mysticism. This photographic project draws on these beliefs while investigating what it means to be a Forest Finn today, some 400 years and twelve generations later.

In his project, Terje Abusdal obscured the line between reality and fiction. “I added certain elements from the past of the Forest Finns to the story – fire, smoke, shamanism”. That way, documentation and imagination interweave in his photographs in an irritating and at the same time organic manner. A special kind of mysticism is exuded by the photos – the result of a "deliberate attempt to create a fictional universe, a magical world."

Terje Abusdal resides and works in Oslo. In 2017, Slash & Burn won the Nordic Dummy Award and the Leica Oskar Barnack Award. The project was among the finalists of the Luma Rencontres Dummy Book Award and the Unseen Dummy Award and was the Juror's Pick of Alec Soth at the Magnum Photography Awards.

Terje Abusdal 'Slash & Burn' (g 19.2 x 24 cm, 180 pages, 96 color and b/w ills. English available ISBN 978-3-86828-851-3 2018, texts: Terje Abusdal, Birger Nesholen, Aaron Schuman, design: Teun van der Heijden).
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