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news | KELLY KELLERHOFF REPRESENTS! : Cadillac Range campaign for China with McCann Shanghai and BMW Bank for Hello AG

THOMAS SCHWOERER c/o KELLY KELLERHOFF photographs the CADILLAC Range motifs (XT4, XT5 and XT6) on a big square in Shanghai.

In preparation, the position of the sun was precisely measured at sunrise because the photos were shot in natural light and the ideal time to do so was shortly before sundown or sunrise. The reason, of course, was also that quickly rearranging this amount of vehicles isn’t an option if you notice the light is not quite right.

So after gaging and deciding, the cars were set up the evening before and marked because the main light had to be just right for the backgrounds. The next morning (or in the afternoon for the evening shoot), a camera was set up for each vehicle, which was then photographed in full-screen shots. That means operating 6 cameras on 6 mounts with long lenses at the same time and coordinating the details usually photographed for cars in this way. The direction of light and shadows was perfect as are the results.

In Munich, THOMAS SCHWOERER c/o...

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