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news | LAND ROVER all-weather shoots including extreme landscapes in Lapland, Iceland and North America with Thomas SCHWOERER c/o KELLY KELLERHOFF on commission for Spark44

A couple of thrilling weeks are what Thomas SCHWOERER c/o KELLY KELLERHOFF has behind him for LAND ROVER. On commission for the agency Spark44, he produced for the traditional carmaker in Lapland/northern Sweden, Iceland and North America (Utah and Nevada). It kicked off with ice & snow locations in northern Sweden. But when the team got there, they were met by a heatwave that melted the entire snow in only three days so that they could only shoot in extreme altitudes. “Besides being creative and mastering tech, a photographer also has to be a problem solver.” says Thomas. Sometimes it even means photographing the wheels in the snow already on the planned day of scouting because you notice that the snow has started to melt under the rubber.

The trip to Iceland took place in the pouring rain, and the drone pilot struggled against the North Atlantic wind. In America, it was pretty relaxed, not too hot, not too cold. Besides little sleep and lots of driving, we had no problems at...

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