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PORSCHE SPEEDSTER campaign photographed by Andreas HEMPEL c/o Kelly Kellerhoff represents! for Kemper Kommunikation in South Africa

One single word sums up everything the brand stands for: Speedster. Because the concept embodies the original Porsche virtues of purism, lightweight construction, efficiency, and unfiltered driving pleasure. Limited to 1948 cars, the new 911 Speedster pays tribute to an idea which pervades Porsche's history like a long and winding road. Precisely the kind of winding roads on which Andreas Hempel photographed the campaign in South Africa for the agency keko.
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JEEP & BMW X5 in Iceland, PORSCHE SERVICE, AUDI, VW TIGUAN as part of surfer culture – photographed by Thomas SCHWOERER c/o Kelly Kellerhoff represents!

Thomas Schwoerer has traveled the world for many automobile companies. In the desert of northern China as well as in the studio in Shanghai and at the border to Thailand, Thomas photographed the complete range of JEEP WRANGLER, CHEROKEE, GRAND CHEROKEE, COMPASS, and RENEGADE.

The VW Tiguan is integral to surf culture – Thomas staged the SUV at the ocean as a surfer's best friend. It was all shot in the USA (art direction: Talin Baharian, production: MJ68).

The shoot for the BMW X5 took place in Iceland. Together with HeroProductions (Iceland) as well as Motoproductions (China), Thomas created motion images and stills in the most iconic places of the island.

Created in Germany at a specialist workshop for PORSCHE SERVICE were motifs for the KeKo agency. On commission for Phillip & Keuntje, Thomas realized two ad motifs for AUDI SERVICE.
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'My Personal Coffin' campaign by Delia Baum c/o Kelly Kellerhoff represents! for the agency Heimat Berlin and #deinkindauchnicht with Wilson Gonzalez Ochsenknecht

Delia BAUM c/o Kelly Kellerhoff represents! photographed the campaign entitled "My Personal Coffin" for the agency Heimat Berlin, German undertaker association BDB and the Central Association of German Crafts (ZDH). The campaign stands for a more open discourse on the topic of death and dying. The aim of the campaign is to break the topic of dying out of its niche and to encourage people to speak more openly about grief, saying farewell and their loss.

For the project #deinkindauchnicht, Delia BAUM c/o Kelly Kellerhoff represents! photographed Wilson Gonzalez Ochsenknecht. The project is about protecting the privacy of children on the Internet. If someone publishes a picture of us unsolicited on the Net, we feel that our personal rights have been violated. But just like adults, children have a right to privacy. Unfortunately, many children are deprived of the decision whether and, above all, how they are portrayed on the Net...
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