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OPEL After Sales motifs and a personal spread with the RANGE ROVER Velar - photos by Robert WESTRICH c/o KELLY KELLERHOFF

For OPEL, Robert WESTRICH c/o KELLY KELLERHOFF realized new after-sales motifs at the main plant in Rüsselsheim. The blurred look underscores the hand-in-hand work processes of Opel's customer service. And created off-production in sunny Miami in parallel to the shoot for a German car manufacturer was the personal spread with the Range Rover Velar presented here on GoSee.
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Germany's Nr.1 handballer Andreas Wolff for MEN’S HEALTH and a GALA home story with Uwe Ochsenknecht in Majorca - photographed by Phillip Gätz c/o KELLY KELLERHOFF

For GALA, Uwe Ochsenknecht opened his doors in Majorca to photographer Phillip GÄTZ c/o KELLY KELLERHOFF. Together with his wife Kiki, the actor showed the people & portrait photographer around some of the hippest spots on the island.

Right on time for the Handball World Cup, Phillip Gätz photographed Germany's No.1 handballer Andreas Wolff for MEN'S HEALTH: 110 kilos, just under 2 meters go the key stats of the "German Wall" – or in other words: a badass. Andreas Wolff not only keeps the goal for THW Kiel and on the German national team but is also on the latest issue of Men's Health. On the subject of reaction speed, he shows readers how the ball bounces. Or is caught. For Phillip as a handballer, the youth days are a special challenge/honor.
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Make the best of it! With an apprenticeship or university degree at dm - a campaign with strong images for drugstore DM & Schipper Company by Sebastian Burgold c/o KELLY KELLERHOFF

On commission for the agency Schipper Company, Sebastian Burgold c/o KELLY KELLERHOFF photographed the new DM campaign, which invites to an apprenticeship or university studies with the drugstore chain. In order to authentically present the brand, actual DM apprentices and students can be see on several motifs. On this note:
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