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KLEIN PHOTOGRAPHEN presents three captivating MINI campaigns, a mix of lifestyle, transportation and fashion by Emir HAVERIC for Jung von Matt & Battery on GoSee

Emir HAVERIC c/o KLEIN PHOTOGRAPHEN photographed three different campaigns for MINI, two of which were for the MINI 55/5 and the third for the new MINI Electric. The shoot took place in several American cities where modern & fresh motifs were created. The result: captivating photos with a mix of lifestyle & fashion, plus portraits and of course the MINI in new colors front and center.
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DEUTSCHE BAHN Specials photographed by Klaus MERZ c/o KLEIN PHOTOGRAPHEN

Klaus MERZ c/o KLEIN PHOTOGRAPHEN photographed for Deutsche Bahn and the creative agency BBDO with Creative Director Björn Kernspeckt and Art Director Julian Dany. Art buying was in the hands of Tanja Braune, with styling by Sue Dietz and hair & make-up by Peggy Kurka. Advertised with the motifs are the various Bahn specials.
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Actor Matthias Schoenaerts in an SZ interview on his Belgian roots, his career plan B and love sickness because of Romy Schneider - in a portrait by Heiko Prigge c/o KLEIN PHOTOGRAPHEN

Heiko Prigge  c/o KLEIN PHOTOGRAPHEN photographed Belgian actor Matthias Schoenaerts for Süddeutsche Zeitung. Since the interview format is designed to function without words, the expressive craft of the actor was just as much part of the brief as Holger's photographic eye as a portrait photographer. We have the photos here on GoSee, the interview is available on SZ, and further works by Heiko Prigge are available from KLEIN PHOTOGRAPHEN.
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