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news | Christa Klubert Photographers : KIA Ceed campaign, NOWADAYS, 'Simply the Best' for IDEG, lots of happiness for FRISOMUM, plus a personal portrait spread

David MAURER c/o CHRISTA KLUBERT PHOTOGRAPHERS captured 'Great Moments' for the KIA Ceed digital campaign.

Lutz HILGERS shot fresh new photos this December for NOWADAYS: "For this season´s lookbook and film, Lutz Hilgers created contrasting images of movement and rest, black and white, day and night. Let´s make dreams come true!" CHRISTA KLUBERT PHOTOGRAPHERS tells GoSee.

Denis IGNATOV photographed 'Simply the Best' aka the image campaign "For the best poultry in the world" for the Zentralverband der Deutschen Geflügelwirtschaft e.V. (German Poultry Association), or ZDG for short.

From David THOMPSON, we present you the personal portrait spread entitled 'All is light, all is grace'.

And last but not least, we present you Sebastian ARTZ with the 'My Pregnancy, My Way' campaign for FRISOMUM in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Vietnam. 'Pregnancy doesn’t mean our passions are halted. Discover Friso’s new maternal milk...

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