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'Exploring the future for SBB Green Class' - illustrated by photographer Denis IGNATOV c/o CHRISTA KLUBERT

Since 2016, SBB and its partners have been breaking new ground when it comes to sustainable door-to-door mobility. In two pilot projects, enthusiastic mobility pioneers were given the opportunity to try out the innovative offers of their combined mobility services for one year as part of a research project. The aim is to gain insight into how customers will get from A to B in the future and to assess their mobility needs. The rail & road mobility combination was photographed by Denis IGNATOV c/o CHRISTA KLUBERT.

For the first time in a research project, SBB Green Class E-Car has combined a first-class GA, an all-electric BMW i3, a Park+Rail parking lot at railway stations, mobility car sharing and PubliBike in a single mobility package. But that's not all: the mobility pioneers also benefit from additional services all about what else – mobility. In 2016, 2500 people applied for the 100 SBB Green Class pilot slots. 138 mobility pioneers ultimately combined means of transportation that make ecological sense on the road with means of public transportation. At the end of 2017, around 70 percent of pilot customers extended their mobility combo subscribtion by another year. Read the pros and cons here:
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