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Patrick Dempsey and the new PORSCHE 911 GT2 RS Clubsport - photographed by David MAURER c/o CHRISTA KLUBERT PHOTOGRAPHERS

Porsche on the cooperation with actor Patrick Dempsey: "What do you need to build the sports car of your dreams? Vision? Of course. Determination? No question. For us, you need above all passion. An attitude we share with Hollywood actor and former race car driver Patrick Dempsey. What makes him successful is what has been driving us for 70 years: breaking limits. Our latest example is the new 911 GT2 RS Clubsport, a souped-up version of the 911 GT2 RS – the strongest road-approved 911 ever. And, as our latest film shows, it is the result of pure passion."

The motifs presented on GoSee with the Porsche 911 GT2 RS Clubsport and Patrick Dempsey were photographed by David MAURER c/o CHRISTA KLUBERT PHOTOGRAPHERS. GoSee :
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Lutz HILGERS c/o CHRISTA KLUBERT PHOTOGRAPHERS visited Düsseldorfer Uwe van Afferden, owner of men's department store "The Heritage Post" and publisher of the magazine of the same name, for BEEF magazine at home in his kitchen

"In the beginning there was a store, which has progressively evolved from a small but nice furniture studio into a mini-department store. Since Düsseldorfers didn't quite get our concept, we came up with the idea for a magazine to convey the lifestyle and vision behind the shop – and Heritage Post was born. It has now become a symbiosis taking place in Lorettostr. 3... The magazine nurtures the store and the store the magazine." Lutz HILGERS portrayed resourceful entrepreneur Uwe van Afferden for BEEF! magazine – where else but in the kitchen. GoSee:
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