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#shotoniphone : social & digital films with artists Jonathan Mannion and Tim Sessler for APPLE - captured by Sebastian ARTZ c/o CHRISTA KLUBERT Photographers

Photographer and Director Sebastian ARTZ c/o CHRISTA KLUBERT Photographers realized portraits of artists Jonathan Mannion and Tim Sessler as well as their work with Apple iPhones.  Jonathan Mannion is a photographer and director and has photographed more than 300 album covers with hip hop and R&B artists, including Jay Z, Dr. Dre, Aaliyah, Outkast, Nas, Nicki Minaj, Brandy Norwood, or Kendrick Lamar. He was also the photographer behind the "Straight Outta" campaign for Beats by Dre. For the film presented here, he portrayed artist Leikeli47, aka Leikeli - "an American musician signed by Sony RCA Records. In 2018, she released her second full-length album entitled Acrylic." And the second film is presented by Tim Sessler, Director of Photography, Aerial DP and filmmaker in NYC, his new home.

About – Sebastian Artz is an award-winning photographer and director best known for his powerful yet relatable imagery in advertising, for his portraits of Hollywood celebrities and music stars like Green Day and Beastie Boys. Sebastian works for a diverse roster of clients shooting advertising, celebrities and fashion campaigns in the US and overseas while also pursuing personal projects that regularly bring his works into exhibition galleries. Born in Romania and raised in Düsseldorf, Germany, Artz started his photographic career shortly after a college exchange with UCLA’s film school brought him to Los Angeles. The city famous for its light reignited his passion for photography, and the immediate recognition he received solidified his decision to work with still as well as moving images.
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'I believe in me' the three-minute spot by Director Denis IGNATOV c/o CHRISTA KLUBERT Photographers for the XXL fashion by HAPPY SIZE featuring 'Curvy Supermodel*'

Specialized in image films, commercials and campaign shoots, Denis IGNATOV c/o CHRISTA KLUBERT works for clients such as Telekom, Vorwerk, BMW, Henkel, Klitschko, Chopard, Volkswagen or Warsteiner. We present you his spot for HAPPY SIZE X Curvy Supermodel.

*Curvy Super ModelReal. Beautiful. Curvy. (aka: Curvy Supermodel) is the name of a German casting show on broadcaster RTL II. In November 2018, RTL II announced its decision to cancel the show after three seasons.
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