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news | featured by Glam Production : Say yes to the world - GLAM PRODUCTION produces the LUFTHANSA USA campaign for the agency Kolle Rebbe in Los Angeles; we have photos and film for you on GoSee

The world has come to a standstill. And we’re sitting at home wondering what’s next. What counts, what’s most important, what do we want? The LUFTHANSA USA campaign shows us that it’s worth giving our behavior a second thought, working more sustainably, living more sustainably. Because we miss the world out there, our friends, the adventures we haven’t experienced yet, the wind in our hair and coffee to go.

GLAM PRODUCTION produced the LUFTHANSA USA campaign for the agency Kolle Rebbe. It was directed by Leonard Witte, and DOP was Jannik Nolte. The responsible Creative Director was Nicole Feldmann with Executive Creative Director Thomas Heinz and Junior Art Director Bastian Betz. Co-production: 27km.

LUFTHANSA : “The spread of the coronavirus poses major challenges for all of us. Economically, but above all, for us as humans. Together, however, we will make it through these difficult times. We already look forward to welcoming you back on board. When it’s time again for us all to:...

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