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Camouflés, cherchés, trouvés ! children's book illustrations by Judy Kaufmann c/o kombinatrotweiss-illustration

JUDY KAUFMANN illustrated a children's book for kids age 4 and older for French publisher Le Pommier. The book is about finding hidden animals in nature. The animals were deliberately hidden, and some are only recognizable at a closer glance.
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'Swap - get a new look!' lovable animal characters on the topic of sustainability by illustrator Sandra Beer c/o kombinatrotweiss-illustration

Sandra BEER c/o kombinatrotweiss-illustration worked alone in her studio for a while to develop her style. She dedicated her work to the topic of sustainability and developed a poster series presenting the topic "swap your clothes instead of buying new ones". With lovable animal characters who swap their feathers and fur to take on a different role and change their own perspective. The title "get a new look" in this context also depicts the process of her latest work in a symbolic way.
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'Perfectly Peculiar Plants - A scientific children's book (Quarto Publishing UK) with illustrations by Catell Ronca c/o kombinatrotweiss-illustration

CATELL RONCA c/o kombinatrotweiss illustrated a comprehensive book for young and old with lots of educational and enlightening details about the strange but wonderful world of plants. The book 'Perfectly Peculiar Plants' as selected by the National Science Teachers Association in November 2018 in the US as an "outstanding science trade book for students in 2019".

Born in Basel, living and working in Lucerne, Switzerland, Catell graduated with a degree in visual communications from the Royal College of Art, London, is active in the areas of publishing, advertising, and press for international clientele. Her works are regularly awarded. She has a penchant for long hikes in the Swiss Alps, hand-painted folk art from all over the world and manufacturing her ceramics.

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