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New entry PIERRE-PAUL PARISEAU c/o KOMBINATROTWEISS-ILLUSTRATION combines pop art with surrealism and is among the most significant illustrators of today

KOMBINATROTWEISS presents new entry Pierre-Paul PARISEAU. “The illustrator is from Montreal, Canada, and the photo collage is his medium. His unmistakable style most commonly brings pop art and surrealism to mind. The reason for this are particularly the colors and compositions he uses, which bring his works to life. They create the energy between each part of a painting, accentuate certain areas and reflect the general mood,” the agency tells GoSee.

At the GoSeeAWARDS, Pierre-Paul PARISEAU is regularly among the finalists. Taschen Publishing lists Pierre-Paul Pariseau in the latest book The Illustrator among the 100 most successful and significant artists of today. And the Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles recently honored his work.
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LINDT celebrates its 70th anniversary and illustrator FABIO CONSOLI c/o KOMBINATROTWEISS-ILLUSTRATION designs LINDOR boxes with Italian style

LINDT is celebrating its 70th Anniversary for which Fabio CONSOLI c/o KOMBINATROTWEISS adorned the LINDOR boxes with illustrations of the most famous Italian cities and symbols.

His love of art and painting has led Fabio Consoli to illustration. It fascinates him, because for him, it is the right compromise between art and design. Fabio studied at the University of Arts in London and the School of Arts in New York before returning to Italy, where he resides most of the time and works. He teaches there at the Abadir Art Academy, holds workshops and is a teacher at the Sketchbook Skool. Fabio draws his inspiration from contemporary painting, creative graphic design and contemporary illustration. He tries to create his own style using these art forms. Technically, he tells us, his style is a combination of graphics and painting. And style-wise, he sees himself as a conceptional illustrator. What he’d love most is to paint large wall murals or on large canvases.
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Pondering about climate change - KATRIN WOLFF c/o KOMBINATROTWEISS-ILLUSTRATION illustrates on the topic of AUSTRALIA’S BUSH FIRE

Climate change is more real than ever before. The devastating bush fires in Australia threaten the  unique animal and plant world of the continent. Since October, the bush fires have been raging, and millions of koalas, kangaroos and other animals died in the flames. Katrin WOLFF c/o KOMBINATROTWEISS illustrated emotional images to raise awareness for the various organizations and fund-raising campaigns.
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