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100 JAHRE APEROL – Key visual for the iconic bright-orange aperitif and signature drink 'Aperol Spritz' by illustrator Andrea de Santis c/o KOMBINATROTWEISS for Merlicek & Partner

Aperol celebrated its 100th anniversary this May, for which Andrea de Santis c/o KOMBINATROTWEISS illustrated a key visual for the Austrian market on the iconic bright-orange aperitif and signature drink 'Aperol Spritz'. For this special event, Andrea also illustrated an Aperol calendar with six of his symbolic motifs. The Italian brand is meanwhile synonymous with sunny & sparkling joie de vivre, which Andrea captured in his motifs together with the typical ingredients of the Aperol Spritz. The agency was Merlicek & Partner in Vienna.
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'Heroes of the Night' BECK’S turns WhatsApp Chat into a legendary comic strip - illustrated by MATTHIAS SCHARDT c/o kombinatrotweiss-illustration

BECK'S brewery developed the smartphone app 'Heroes of the Night', which turns WhatsApp group chats into a legendary comic.

An unforgettable night of partying with friends – WhatsApp's group chat is an integral part of the fun. Over the course of an evening, an archive of legendary stories emerges so often, most of which is unfortunately forgotten. Until now! With Beck's innovative "Heroes of the Night" app, every chat history can be turned into an original and individual comic strip. This idea was conceived and realized by Serviceplan Campaign International, Plan.Net Campaign and the Plan.Net Innovation Studio. Matthias SCHARDT c/o kombinatrotweiss-illustration was responsible for the comic illustrations.

The basic idea was to stage the history of a party night. To do so, Matthias Schardt illustrated more than 300 frames exclusively for the app. The app transforms each member of the group chat into a comic strip character: Up to ten different characters are available, plus environments and other features can be customized. The chat is uploaded and each text contribution is automated and assigned to a scene. This results in really entertaining contributions paired with visuals in the group chat. Each comic strip can be saved and shared.

"As a brand, we are constantly in search of new ways to connect with our consumers. For me, "Heroes of the Night" is an app where a combination of technological know-how and creativity leads to a highly relevant consumer experience," says Susanne Koop, Marketing Director Germany Anheuser-Busch InBev.
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'Throwing Signs' DANAE DIAZ c/o kombinatrotweissillustrates for MONOCOLE MAGAZINE

Danae Diaz illustrated for the May issue of Monocle magazine on the topic of throwing signs. Like any language, sign language changes over time – and that includes some updates to include the latest obscenities and drug references. Monocle raises hands for an illustration lesson for song lyrics at a gig in Texas.
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