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Kombinatrotweiss invites guests to let their creativity run free and develop new visions with confidence and acceptance. Believing in miracles is a driving force of motivation particularly in times of Corona because we can make miracles happen the way we want them to.The illustrators at Kombinatrotweiss have realized a campaign together which shows just how collaboration works: Teams of two illustrators share a motif and are drawn by lot. Although their individual styles may be different, they convey a common message, and perhaps it is precisely the tension in how different they are that sets free so much energy! The idea was developed during Zoom conferences between illustrators and Kombinatrotweiss who wanted to initiate a campaign which motivates to design the new normal together.

The result are motifs with unique messages in which the very different styles communicate with one another in a miraculous manner. The illustrators themselves for the most part were surprised at how the motifs became joined together and supported the statement of the other. A great effect in learning how to design a new normal.

Kombinatrotweiss and its illustrators are strengthening solidarity and asking their clients to remain motivated and confident, to accept the ‘now’ and shape new visions which are worth fighting for.

Illustration & Animation are the mediums of the hour! Nothing is impossible, so – LET’S COLLAB!
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Professional workwear specialist ENGELBERT STRAUSS is the go-to outfitter for customers in the areas of skilled craft and trade, industry, service as well as home improvement. For the Spring/Summer 2020 collection, a whole roster of KOMBINATROTWEISS illustrators designed different T-shirt motifs for a wide variety of topics. We present you a selection of motifs, and the shirts are available for purchase in the Engelbert Strauss online shop.

- Fritzi STUKE designed on the topic of Work‘n’Play
- Moritz Adam SCHMITT illustrated galactic motifs for different trades and Mission 2020
- Timo MEYER’S motifs are themed upon Masters of Crafts
- Anne-Maries PAPPAS designed T-shirts for the Work Diva
- Studio TOPIE illustrated TEAM 2020

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Colorful, geometric and minimalist : Néstor Ramos, 3D motion designer and illustrator from Barcelona, is now at KOMBINATROTWEISS and with YouTube merch on GoSee

Néstor Ramos is a 3D motion designer and illustrator from Barcelona. He is fascinated with creating environments and developing abstract compositions which play with shapes, colors and light. For his illustrations and commercials, he mainly works with 3D software, but he also uses traditional media to experiment, draws to develop storyboards, and sketches his illustrations beforehand on paper. He personally describes his style as colorful, geometric and minimalist. It’s right this way to his complete portfolio.
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