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'A Tribute to Karl Lagerfeld' by kombinatrotweiss-illustration for you on GoSee

"There are people who lay on the beach and wait for inspiration to come to them. But inspiration doesn't simply come to the beach." Karl Lagerfeld quote.

kombinatrotweiss tells GoSee : "One of the greatest German creatives has passed. He was also probably the most eloquent, unconventional fast-speaker of our time. His dry manner was not everyone's cup of tea. But his quotes were known around the world, and everyone could and can relate to one of his comments or the other. He inherited his talent, and sometimes his biography sounds like a fairy tale – about someone who was so lucky and appreciated it. That made him so special.

In remembrance of him, we asked our illustrators to draw a Tribute to Karl motif, and we received a large number of works which reflect the great bandwidth of our agency in a special way. It's almost as if Karl were present."

We bid him bon voyage and say have a nice journey Karl – and see for yourself !
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Camouflés, cherchés, trouvés ! children's book illustrations by Judy Kaufmann c/o kombinatrotweiss-illustration

JUDY KAUFMANN illustrated a children's book for kids age 4 and older for French publisher Le Pommier. The book is about finding hidden animals in nature. The animals were deliberately hidden, and some are only recognizable at a closer glance.
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'Swap - get a new look!' lovable animal characters on the topic of sustainability by illustrator Sandra Beer c/o kombinatrotweiss-illustration

Sandra BEER c/o kombinatrotweiss-illustration worked alone in her studio for a while to develop her style. She dedicated her work to the topic of sustainability and developed a poster series presenting the topic "swap your clothes instead of buying new ones". With lovable animal characters who swap their feathers and fur to take on a different role and change their own perspective. The title "get a new look" in this context also depicts the process of her latest work in a symbolic way.
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