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The beach, pool & waterfall looks of the '18 season for 'LeGer by Lena Gercke' - photographed by SINA GÖRTZ c/o KLAUS STIEGEMEYER

Lena Gercke is launching her fashion label 'LeGer by Lena Gercke'. Heidi Klum's perhaps most successful discovery has been active as a model, presenter, entertainer & socialite, and the German tabloids wouldn't be the same without her. Sina GÖRTZ c/o KLAUS STIEGEMEYER photographed the looks for 'LeGer by Lena Gercke' on the designer herself. And this is where you can purchase them quickly to make your summer complete:
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The Best of The Best... Oliver SCHWARZWALD c/o KLAUS STIEGEMEYER photographs stills for traditional Neapolitan label KITON

KITON stands for clever designs with that certain je ne sais quoi. Oliver SCHWARZWALD c/o KLAUS STIEGEMEYER photographed stills for the richly traditional Italian brand KITON. Kiton is a company for the textile industry in the luxury segment, specializing in made-to-measure tailoring. It was founded in 1956 by Ciro Paone, sun of a Neapolitan fabric merchant family, and Antonio Carola in Naples. The full name of the company is Ciro Paone S.p.A.. Ciro Paone founded a couturier school near the Kiton factory in Arzano, a small suburb of Naples. The only “tools” used are needles, sewing rings and scissors. The company is run today by Paones nephew, Antonio De Matteis.
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