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UPDATE LIBRARY & SPEED DATING – we’d like to thank BASICS.BERLIN for being such loving and very personal hosts as well as KEKO, WIEDEN+KENNEDY & TOMMY HILFIGER for the great viewing support

In 2019, photographers – but also, or especially, exhibitors – had the opportunity to take part in our GoSee SPEED DATING in the UPDATE LIBRARY. So instead of just visiting the booths of exhibitors all day, selected companies – this year WIEDEN+KENNEDY, TOMMY HILFIGER and KEKO – got to set up shop in our LIBRARY, where they were amply supplied with ad-hoc appointments by our library hosts Barbara and Heleen.

Michelle Hopkins, Head of Creative Services at Tommy Hilfiger: “It was extremely intense, and the crowd was enormous. The actual viewing took nearly two hours. We’d love to do it again, but please with a bit more time between dates so we can jot down our personal takeaway. Otherwise, everything was perfectly organized, Thank You !”

At GoSee, we always take suggestions to heart and look forward to doing a better job next year at the UPDATE LIBRARY 2020. The LIBRARY itself was booked by more than 20 photographers in 2019 so they could present their portfolios to the creatives attending and use the UPDATE platform to mingle and make appointments. For those who couldn’t make it to Berlin: The list of LIBRARY PHOTOGRAPHERS can be seen at

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UPDATE LIBRARY – coming soon ! Meet photographers and directors at UPDATE-19-BERLIN for a personal portfolio viewing, hosted in 2019 by BASICS.BERLIN

We look forward to the following Photographers and Directors in our LIBRARY in 2019 : David Breun, Monica Menez, Victor Jon Goico, Alex Fritsch, Michael Hanisch, Marius Krutschke, Linda Leitner, Stefan Hobmaier, Katy Otto, Silke Schlotz, Holger Puhl, Stephan Lucius Lemke, Tomas Kauneckas, Stephan Schmick und Andreas Knaub.

Save the date: 15 November 2019 in Titanic Hotel, Chausseestrasse, Berlin. We look forward to the photographers and directors, to UPDATE and you ! – celebrating 15 years of magic.

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