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news | featured by Esther Haase : ESTHER HAASE whisks us away to her ‘Bohemian Garden’ on enchanted fruit plantations in the ‘Old Country’, photographed with charming models Eny Jaki and Esther Lomb

Between apple trees and poppy blossoms in the northern German Summer, ESTHER HAASE photographed the fashion spread entitled ‘Bohemian Garden’. Because as soon as the corn poppy starts to bloom, the bright and warm time of the years begins. Playing in front of her camera in a cheerful mood were models Eny Jaki and Esther Lomb, who longed so much to be in Paris for Esther. But the destination of their journey was soon forgotten as the two beauties were able to let their exuberant imaginations run free in the lush green of the magnificent garden. There, Esther Lomb, with her marvelous backcombed hair, was transformed into a perfect, typical Esther Haase-style mermaid while, entirely by chance, a bird or two came into the picture from around the corner.

Thanks for the Boho chic style go to stylist Jelena Schneider. Similar to the delicate petals of the corn poppy gently bursting from their buds, she clad the protagonists in the finest of fabrics. Claudia PLATH c/o LIGANORD gave their...

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