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'Lots of Dogs, lots of Socks' - the BURLINGTON campaign by GoSee member ESTHE RHAASE, styled by Hendrik SCHAULIN c/o LIGANORD

For every type of person, there is the right dog. And the right sock. Whether a fine Afghan, playful Shar-Pei or classic Bull Terrier – in the BURLINGTON Fall/Winter collection, every type of character will find the perfect pair of socks.

'Lots of Dogs, lots of Socks' - styling of the new BURLINGTON campaign was taken care of by Hendrik SCHAULIN true to the BURLINGTON motto: the more contrast, the better. Photos were shot on location in London by GoSee member ESTHER HAASE.
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'Trendseater' - SMART campaign with styling by Tu Anh NGO c/o LIGANORD for Thomas Strogalski and BBDO Berlin

LIGANORD Artist Tu Anh NGO took care of styling for the new SMART campaign, photographed in Copenhagen by Thomas Strogalski c/o Schierke Artists. Agency: BBDO Berlin, Production: Locke.motion.
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'Family Affair' in SALON magazine - make-up by Katja MAASSEN c/o LIGANORD

Katja MAASSEN took care of the make-up part in Elizaveta Porodina's 'Family Affair' shoot, realized for SALON magazine. CD: Birgit Schlotterbeck and Elizaveta Porodina c/o Sonja Heintschel.
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