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'Wie ein Phantom' music video for Namika, NEONYT campaign and L'OFFICIEL Ukraine – that's the news from hair & make-up artist ANNA BRYLLA c/o LIGANORD

Now on air: the new music video Phantom by singer Namika with hair & make-up by Liganord Artist Anna BRYLLA. Directors: Sluga x Zlotin, Client/Label: Jive Music.

The future of fashion: Innovation and sustainability on the agenda of international fashion hub NEONYT. The campaign was photographed by Joachim Baldauf with hair, make-up & grooming by Anna Brylla.

And hair & make-up for the fashion/beauty editorial in L'OFFICIEL Ukraine also came from Anna Brylla. Photos by Annyck Benth.
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Rianna + Nina One-of-a-Kind collection, NUMÉRO Berlin and actress Sophie Rois for DIE DAME - artwork by hair & make-up artist Helena NARRA c/o LIGANORD on GoSee

Hair & make-up by Liganord artist Helena NARRA for the campaign shoot of the Rianna + Nina One-of-a-Kind collection, photographed on the Côte d’Azur by Dylan Don c/o Marlene Ohlsson.

The “Der Rote Faden” fashion editorial was photographed for NUMÉRO Berlin by Anne Schönharting. The Louis Vuitton fashion special was created on location in the little town of Werben (Elbe). Hair & make-up: Helena NARRA.

With photographer Roman GOEBEL c/o SHOTVIEW, Helena NARRA produced the cover stories for ZOO magazine with Babylon Berlin lead actress Liv Lisa Fries (make-up by Helena Narra), and motifs presented here on GoSee with iconic actress Sophie Rois for DIE DAME mag.
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