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RAMAZZOTTI IL PREMIO ad motifs - fashion styling by Julia Atitié, props and set design by Cäthe Klein and hair & make-up by Anschi Urbas & Elena Köhler - all artists c/o LIGAWEST

Viva Italia! Aylin Reckermann photographed the food and beverages of the family Giglio at the restaurant Piccola in Cologne's hip Ehrenfeld district for Ramazzotti Il Premio. The motifs – created with an entire team from LIGAWEST – are used for ads in magazines and a movie spots. On set for fashion styling was Julia Atitié. Props and set design came from Cäthe Klein with hair & make-up by Anschi Urbas & Elena Köhler. With Ramazzotti Il Premio, Italian Amaro brand Ramazzotti is expanding its broad product range with yet another premium product. This time, with a blend of two first-class Italian spirit specialties: the Ramazzotti Il Premio is a combination of the Ramazzotti Amaro and the Grappa di Nebbiolo Riserva.
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SCHUSTERMANN & BORENSTEIN motifs by fashion photographer Norbert Bäres - hair, make-up and grooming by Julia ZIEGLER c/o LIGAWEST

Schustermann & Borenstein looks back on an almost 90-year history and is operated now in the third generation as a traditional family company. Founded 1924 in Munich, they are today an international fashion company with clients from all corners of the globe. The motifs presented here on GoSee were photographed by NORBERT BÄRES, with hair, make-up & grooming by Julia ZIEGLER c/o LIGAWEST.
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