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EUROWINGS Bizclass campaign with hair & make-up by Julia ZIEGLER c/o LIGAWEST

Eurowings BIZclass offers premium comfort on long-distance flights: The premium reclining seat in the designated BIZclass area can be converted into a two-meter horizontal bed. GoSee member Tom Grammerstorf photographed the EUROWINGS Business Class campaign on the topic, with support in everything hair & make-up by Julia ZIEGLER c/o LIGAWEST.
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'Make Your Day' – JPS campaign with set styling by Cäthe KLEIN c/o LIGAWEST

With the claim 'Make Your Day', JOHNNY PLAYER SPECIAL launched a new campaign, supported by BBDO. Cäthe KLEIN took care of set styling, and it was photographed by Michael Haegele c/o Rockenfeller & Göbels.
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Image motifs for BÄRENMARKE, styled by Catrin HANSMERTEN, hair & make-up by Anja Schweihoff, both c/o LIGAWEST

The LIGAWEST duo consisting of stylist Catrin HANSMERTEN and hair & make-up artist Anja SCHWEIHOFF teamed up to realize image motifs for BÄRENMARKE. The motifs were photographed by Adrian T. Kubica c/o Banrap. Production was in the hands of Nicole Meier c/o We Love Artbuying. Agency: Cocomore.
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