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About LinkDirectors

LinkDirectors is the only agency in Stockholm representing Directors exclusively. As an agency, it is our aim to support our Directors and help them build their artistic and commercial careers and portfolios. We focus not only on representing and marketing our Directors but also on giving each of them the individual support needed.

Our ambition is to accompany our creative teams on their paths, while providing them with structure and support, both in their personal developments as artists as in each separate project. Our way of working give clients and directors the opportunity to choose their partners freely, such as producer and production company for each project.

LinkDirectors also have a strong collaboration with several of Sweden´s most established producers, with many years experience in producing film.

The talented directors which we represent cover a large spectrum of creativity and styles which results in exciting, visual and original commercials. They are experienced in all areas of film such as commercial- and interactive films, animation, motion graphics, music videos as well as feature films.

Through the diversity of our Directors, our aim is to provide our customers with an exhaustive choice of styles, trends, skills and cultural approaches for their films.