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'Demographics of Antarctica' Kids editorial & cover for KID'S WEAR MAG Winter 2019/20 by ACHIM LIPPOTH

ACHIM LIPPOTH has published kids fashion bible KID'S WEAR for many years. And, of course, he insisted on personally having a creative blast for the international magazine. So, he turned a play room into a winter wonderland with the help of his little actors and only a few props. Imagination rules, all you need to do is imagine – and before you know it, your bed becomes a slope, and with a bit of flour, you can make snow angels on the kitchen floor. On the team for hair & make-up were Nicole Gnauck c/o Ligawest, stylist Maddalena Montaguti, Production Unit and Ralf Schneider Retouching.
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RESERVED Swimwear Kids Collection photographed by ACHIM LIPPOTH in Fuerteventura

This spring, ACHIM LIPPOTH photographed the Kids collection for RESERVED swimwear in Fuerteventura. Also on the team (styling: Ada Juszczak, hair & make-up: Alba Vega Glez) were DOP Bart Pogoda, Masik Production, Art Director Maria Lorenz, TV Producer Lukasz Lewandowski, and post production was taken care of by Ralf Schneider Retouching.
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MARCELO BURLON Kids of Milan - the new collection photographed by kids photographer and Director ACHIM LIPPOTH

ACHIM LIPPOTH staged the new collection from MARCELO BURLON Kids of Milan artificially in his studio in Cologne. Achim has been responsible for the visual signature of the label for several collections. And this time, the little actors were staged with totally cool props and fresh bread. Production Unit supported the shoot, and hair & make-up were taken care of by Nicole Gnauck c/o LIGAWEST, with post production by Ralf Schneider Retouching.

In 2012, Marcelo Burlon founded his namesake kidswear label MARCELO BURLON Kids of Milan. Its designs feature inspiring casual silhouettes adorned by loud prints. The streetwear styles are unisex and thrilling for girls and boys alike. GoSee:
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