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Picture-perfect Brazilian babe Sofia Resing in HARPER'S BAZAAR Hong Kong - with photos by Cintia Alexander Barroso and hair & make-up by Nina TATAVITTO c/o LOUISA ARTISTS

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Beauty fashion story in HIA magazine, photographed by Robert Astley Sparke – with hair & make-up by Desmond VAN STADEN c/o LOUISA ARTISTS

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ELLE Bulgaria sent model Elyse Taylor into the desert - at her side: hair & make-up artist Nina TATAVITTO c/o LOUISA ARTISTS

In the desert surrounding Dubai, 'Lady in Red' Elyse Taylor was photographed by Stefan Mimielski for a fashion editorial in the Junie issue of ELLE Bulgaria. Nina TATAVITTO c/o LOUISA ARTISTS was on the sandy set for the hair & make-up part of the spread.
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