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featured by basics berlin : 'The Boys are back in town' for MMScene featuring the LOUSIA MODELS male squad - grooming by Stefanie SCHNEIDER c/o BASICS.BERLIN, photos: Steven Kohlstock

''They were askin' if you were around
How you was, where you could be found
Told 'em you were livin' downtown
Drivin' all the old men crazy'' - Thin Lizzy

Stefanie SCHNEIDER c/o BASICS.BERLIN took care of grooming at the shoot 'The boys are back in town' for MMSCENE STYLE STORIES with male models Myroslav Grebeniuk, Albert Razumov, Akos Mecseki, Alexander Burgmayr, Harrison Griffiths, Iasonas Laios and Pol Herrero; all represented by GoSee member LOUISA MODELS. Photos: Steven Kohlstock. GoSee:
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