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'There comes a time...' - LS PRODUCTIONS impresses with Brutalist Artist’s Paradise in the spot featuring singer Sevdaliza in ADIDAS for the new London-based ZALANDO campaign

Artistry and authenticity are celebrated in a series of films and stills produced by Tony Petersen Film for fashion retailer ZALANDO and trainer giant ADIDAS. Online fashion giant Zalando has launched, in partnership with adidas, an artist-focused campaign in film and print called ‘My SuperCourt, My Story’ to promote the newly released adidas SuperCourt collection.

This component of the full campaign was shot in London and stars Iranian-Dutch singer-songwriter Sevdaliza. The stills were shot by Brett Lloyd, and all film elements were directed by Sergi Castellà. Both were produced by Tony Petersen Film and serviced by LS PRODUCTIONS.

The film and photos are a hypnotic peek into the artistic process of Sevdaliza and is a celebration of personal style and creative expression. The LS team worked closely with Tony Petersen Film to create various conceptual sets. The team transformed old classrooms into piano studios and college atriums into Abbey Road-style recording hubs, as well as constructing a head-spinning mirrored room for Sevdaliza's solo scenes. Transforming the look and feel of the locations required the crew to work efficiently, while simultaneously ensuring the quality of production and the authenticity at the very core of the project.

“We know we can count on LS Productions. This is the second time we’ve partnered with them in the UK. The first time, we came for the security logistics provided on an airport car shoot, and this time, it was for the location knowledge to achieve the authenticity the director desired.” – Börge Heesemann, Executive Producer, Tony Petersen Film.

LS Productions has unrivaled access to in-demand locations, and close relationships with location owners, industry bodies and local councils. Location Manager, Amy Morement, provided two locations that worked for all five of the sets required on the film and photoshoot. The brutalist housing estate and a former central London university building sourced were used to show Sevdaliza seeking inspiration and crafting melodies across London, dancing between street locations, recording studios, a rooftop and a warehouse club.

LS Productions put to work their strong connection with London casting agencies and a far-reaching social media network, while searching for a dancer, a music producer, a studio technician, a cellist, and several partygoers to assist with the story narration for the spot.

“My team was focussed on making the shoot as easy as possible – and memorable in the best way possible. We supported the talent and visiting team, utilizing our knowledge and expertise to align the director’s creativity with the logistical support necessary to achieve the vision. The locations sourced by Amy and her team set a great tone for the rest of the shoot, and it was awesome to get Tony Petersen Film back to England on a project like this!” – Ellen De Faux, Senior Producer, LS Productions.

The campaign is now live on Zalando’s social and digital channels.

About – Sevdaliza, aka Sevda Alizadeh, was born on 1 September 1987 in Tehran, Iran. She moved to the Netherlands with her family at the age of five. At 16, she left home after receiving a basketball scholarship, eventually playing on the Dutch national basketball team. She graduated from university with a Master's Degree in Communications. Sevdaliza is fluent in Persian, Dutch, English, French, and Portuguese. GoSee :
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LS PRODUCTIONS show their northern England abilities with the LUCOZADE ENERGY campaign for Somesuch and Grey London

 vLS PRODUCTIONS present the current LUCOZADE ENERGY campaign for Somesuch and Grey London on GoSee : Energy drink Lucozade’s narrative-rich new campaign shows how positive energy can be passed across generations through the power of music. Shot in various locations around the North of England, including an abandoned Victorian swimming bath in Merseyside, 'Spark Something' showcases unique interiors, a diverse cast and a vibrant soundtrack. This uplifting TV ad is a creative collaboration between Somesuch, Grey London and LS PRODUCTIONS.

"We had the full support of LS and their resources throughout the production which came with many challenges (throwing a rave in a disused swimming pool is no small feat!). The locations expertise was particularly valuable. A fun shoot!" -Shion Hayasaka, Freelance Producer for Somesuch

LOCATION BRIEF : The client wanted to set the scene in an authentic Northern town; somewhere young people have to make their own entertainment. LS Productions scouted locations in and around Bolton, Manchester, Salford, Blackpool, Wigan, Sheffield and Liverpool before settling on Atherton, Todmorden and Birkenhead. Multiple locations in the area were to be featured including: a family home: village streets; a warehouse-style party venue in a community space; and an abandoned swimming pool.

“We were determined to make the shoot locations work for our client, and bring the locations to life that the Director loved." -Amy Morement, Location Manager, LS Productions

ART DEPARTMENT : The art department played a huge part in this production, with the house completely stripped out and redressed, a garden shed built from scratch, a DJ booth created for a nightclub look, and nighttime to be simulated for daytime shoots. The party venue was large and therefore required a huge amount of lighting and dressing also in order to fill the space and make it work aesthetically on camera. Having a great local team and excellent suppliers was crucial in achieving the desired creative whilst working within tight budget parameters.

BACKGROUND CASTING : Fifteen core cast plus over 100 extras were required for the finale party scene meaning multiple castings across Manchester and London. With the support of their UK-wide in-house team, LS Productions worked quickly and efficiently to source the perfect partygoers through street casting. Their wide-reaching social media network also pulled in dozens of applicants at short notice to take part in this authentic looking ad campaign.

SECURITY & SAFETY : Working within disused locations like this one can be challenging, with health and safety concerns (like loose tiles, uneven flooring, electrics, gas, asbestos and more) needing to be carefully managed, and it's vital to obtain all the right permits and permissions in collaboration with location owners, councils and other local bodies. The baths are helmed by a local community trust, who are now working closely with Lucozade on the venue's regeneration, bringing the campaign's heart into the real world.
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The CARLING #MADELOCAL campaign presents you the undaunted 'PEASE BAY SURFERS' – production services by LS PRODUCTIONS

Havas London is responsible for the CARLING #MADELOCAL campaign on the topic of CARLING's origins and, in more general terms, celebrates the pride in the homeland or connection to it. For the spot with the undaunted surfers in the ice-cold waters of Pease Bay, Scotland, Director Rollo Jackson was a guest at this, let's say, special surf location. At his side was DOP Bobby Shore. The production company was Somesuch with Producer Tom Gardner. Locally responsible was production service LS PRODUCTIONS with Producer Deva Smith.

Carling is the name of a lager beer brand in Canada, Australia, South Africa, and the United Kingdom – owned by the Molson Coors Brewing Company. In 1999, Carling sold one billion pints in the UK, breaking the world record at the time. Carling has ever since been the best-selling lager in the UK. Carling on Carling: "We brew Carling using only the best of British barley, lovingly grown and harvested across the country, including from our very own Growers Group. All of our barley is Red Tractor approved, meaning it can be traced right back to where it came from."

Miranda Osborne, Brand Director at Carling, informs us : “At Carling, we’re proud of the fact that Britain’s #1 beer is brewed by the locals in the town of Burton-on-Trent. Scratch beneath the surface and you’ll find countless stories like ours – those of passionate, dedicated people making things happen in their hometowns. Uncovering some of which has inspired us to create the Made Local Fund, our commitment to supporting new ideas and activities which will benefit local communities and the people who support them.” GoSee :
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