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What's on your wish list? The KIA spot 'One Wish List. One Car.' by Director Bruce St Clair - Service Production as well as locations in Scotland by LS Productions

For the agency INNOCEAN Worldwide and the client KIA, LS PRODUCTIONS from Scotland was on the job with location support and production services for the wonderful spot entitled 'Wish List', which was directed by Milan native and Madrid resident Bruce StClair. Executive Producer: Uli Ulbrich, Creative Director: David Beverley, DOP: Ottar Gudnason, Producer: Timm Reinfarth and Production: Tempomedia. So what is the spot all about that took the team across half of Europe? Find that out on the entertaining blog of Bruce St Clair:

“This is a story about a guy, who, bored with his daily routine, discovers the freedom a car can give, go anywhere and how to follow his dreams… It’s actually just a great excuse to go wherever he wants, whenever he wants! And that’s exactly what we does. We shot in Scotland, which, by the way, was a brilliant experience. It really is a beautiful place and has that remote magic that I was hoping for; its not often you get the chance to shoot a car commercial in the rain. It really helps tell the story. We shot at a remote location on the Isle of Skye (James Bond sets, when he goes back to his childhood roots in Spectre, I think). A pain in the ass to get there but well worth it. Really helpful locals and the worst weather possible, just great! I mean, it literally rains vertically every 20 minutes!”

And we wouldn’t dare keep Bruce’s thank you notes from you. Here we go: “Can’t thank Uli, Exec producer, and Tim, Producer, enough for being great at making sure the idea, the true spirit of the treatment was completed. It’s always a challenge to get it all in there in front of camera, but they made it happen, and I appreciate it… wasn’t easy. Big thanks as always to Ottar! Can’t thank Michael Piccirilli enough… what a great actor to work with, always willing and trying to take it a little further each take. Lovely guy too!”

Read the whole production story from the dynamic director on his blog under:
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LS Productions : scouts impressive Scottish locations to film the FORD Eco Sport SUV Spot, produced by Radical Media & GQ FRANCE editorial

The choice for FORD fell upon Scotland for the 'Built For Your Next Steps' spot, which is now promoting the new FORD EcoSport Model. Creatively responsible was GTB, production: Radical Media and LS Productions, direction: Josh & Xander.

LS PRODUCTIONS lets GoSee know : "The cinematic advert pays tribute to the narrative device used in classic movie scenes as the shot focuses on a character’s foot as they step out of a vehicle to confront a challenge. In the advert the dramatic camera technique is adapted to introduce us to a cast of everyday British individuals. Identified only by their footwear, we see each anonymous character step gallantly out of their Ford EcoSport cars. As each character takes their next steps, the commercial shows a range of unique but sentimentally British journeys."

LS Productions closely collaborated with Radical Media to find the best backgrounds for every specific story, no matter how short. To do so, it was necessary to choose from their large selection of Scottish locations. The film was shot entirely in Scotland over the course of three days, with the shoot taking the team from Glasgow's urban looks to Argyll's idyllic scenery or even various coastal destinations.

Deva Smith, Producer from LS Productions : “It was great to be able to put together a nice, talented Scottish crew and to show our American directors the most diverse Scottish landscapes, from urban designs to rolling countryside and rugged terrain.”

LS PRODUCTIONS continues : "The settings included the country’s iconic rolling hills at Rest and be Thankful in the Scottish Highlands, scenes of the idyllic coastline were captured at Crinan Harbour, and Glasgow’s The Gorbals provided urban environments for inner-city shots."

For the boat and coastal scenes, the production company used a drone, and responsible for making sure everything went smoothly – from the filming permit to filming in peace thanks to the boat restriction at the location – was also LS PRODUCTIONS. Which was a bit of a challenge in the somewhat turbulent weather. Deva tells us : “We took advantage of the changing weather, it added beautiful drama to the scene, and the director was able to capture spray from the ocean waves.”

On the collaboration with Radical Media, Executive Producer at LS Productions, Sarah Drummond tells us: “We really enjoyed having Josh & Xander back over to Scotland. They love the diverse landscapes that Scotland has to offer, and they were super excited to get the chance to shoot here again. They really engaged with Scotland, it’s people and its landscapes, and for me it’s always good to shoot something that doesn’t have to be based specifically in Scotland. Our locations are stunning and can fit with most narratives, and even some you wouldn’t expect.”

Josh Barwick, Producer at Radical Media, continues : “It was great working with LS, they have a talented in-house team there, and I won’t hesitate to come back when the job fits! Directors Josh & Xander really enjoyed the whole experience and were impressed with the variety of locations and the skill of the local crew and production team. They also loved the curry there!”

The spot is on TV and social media since 18 January, 2018 and now on GoSee. Plus we show their GQ FRANCE editorial (published in Nov. 17 : "Stella Tennant in our latest work for GQ France shot at Glen House - one of our exclusive Scottish locations..."
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LS Productions in charge of service production and location scouting for the BURBERRY F/W 2017 campaign, photographed by Alasdair McLellan in Edinburgh

LS PRODUCTIONS supported the new BURBERRY Fall/Winter 2017 campaign, which was photographed by Alasdair McLellan in the heart of Edinburgh. It was produced by Laura Holmes Production, and styling was taken care of by Benjamin Bruno. Hairstylist was Anthony Turner, and make-up was in the hands of Wendy Rowe. LS PRODUCTIONS was the responsible service production company and found the perfect locations in Scotland.

The new BURBERRY collection is once again marked by British style, with an unconventional blend of structures, colors and silhouettes. "The collection mirrors the wit, beauty and pathos as well as the marvelous eccentricity of the British style of dressing," says Christopher Bailey about the latest Fall/Winter fashion of the traditional brand. A film to the shoot is available via BURBERRY.
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