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About Voltage DDB Berlin

Hello, my name is Mahmoud Fathy and I am obsessed making things look beautiful. Currently I work as Head of Design at DDB Berlin with Volkswagen as a main client. I have more than seven years experience in Automotive advertising industry with it different car ranges and target groups. I was born in Kuwait from Egyptian parents. At the age of seven, we moved back to Cairo. I studied scenography and graduated with Bachelor of Fine Arts from Helwan University in Cairo. My career started in Cairo first in branding, then in advertising. In 2011, I moved to Berlin where I have further developed my career in advertising. I was able to gain experience in different markets in MENA and Europe gathering the knowledge from two different points of view, not only in Advertising but also in life. To work across different medias with different partners and make good things happen is something, I really love. What else? I like traveling, photography, typography, retro design, history and I can tell many useless funny facts and stories. Brands Volkswagen, Sony, Ikea, McDonalds, Nescafe, Red Bull, Credit Agricole, ART TV, Unilever and more.

Experienced Head Of Design with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. Skilled in Art Direction, Advertising, Visual Identity Design, Brand Development, and Graphic Design.

Volkswagen New Brand Design : Creating the the imagery style (look and feel) and being part of developing the visual concept for Volkswagen.
My job was creating the imagery style (look&feel) considering all Volkswagen range of cars across all medias. The project was in cooperation between many agencies with Volkswagen: MetaDesign, KMS, DDB/Voltage, G&P, SinnerSchrader, Sapient Razorfish, Blackspace, Schmidhuber, S12.

Credits (for Imagery style only): Brand: Volkswagen | Agency: Voltage - DDB Berlin, Account: Sarah Bensel, Larissa Braun | Art Direction: Mahmoud Fathy, Lilli Langenheim | Photographer: Uwe Düttmann | Cameraman: Severin Renke, Thomas Ternes | Stylist: Christiane Graf | Postproduction: Digitales Leben
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