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Tobias Hutzler and MAINWORKS GMBH, post production from Frankfurt, present: PASSAGE

What will mobility look like in the future? What studies show today will eventually become reality. In science fiction films, large teams of designers deal with this topic and yet one cannot be sure how mobility, in form and function, will be in the future.

What types of vehicles will there be? Do we drive, hover or fly? Will autonomous transportation become the standard? Does a means of transportation have panes or is everything done via cameras & screens? Does the object still have wheels?

Photographer Tobias Hutzler: “Detached and independent of a certain design language, we ended up at a point where we wanted to design a means of concept ourselves. Reduced to a minimum.
We photographed the project in one of the most inhospitable landscapes in the world, similar to the conditions on another planet. Dramatic weather, unusual light, interesting cloud formations and the rugged, wild landscape.”

Tobias continues: “Our means of transportation reflects the surroundings to a high degree; the object integrates itself almost chameleon-like into the landscape and becomes one with it. How do you recognize a vehicle of this kind in its movement? Does it leave traces? Do we see tire treads? Or will the only reference to mobility in the future be light?
Light is everything.”

Post production of the interesting transportation study was supported by MAINWORKS from Frankfurt am Main.

About – MAINWORKS is a creative production studio founded in 2001 with 27 employees in Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich, and Los Angeles. And the Mainworks team is growing: We’re open to new personnel and ideas in the areas of post production, art direction, motion graphics, and CGI. Apply for one of our current openings, or send us an unsolicited application with CV and work samples. GoSee:
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MAINWORKS GMBH in charge of post production for authentic NISSIN FOOD motifs with photographer Per Schorn and the agencies Hakuhodo and Serviceplan

Photographer Per Schorn and his team realized two ad motifs for NISSIN FOOD with flying noodles and flambéed vegetables which had their final touches put on by MAINWORKS. Set builder Andreas Koppe created an authentic Asian restaurant atmosphere in the photo studio, complemented by a perfect cast of chefs. Hakuhodo and Serviceplan provided agency support on location. The Japanese company was the first supplier of instant noodle dishes, which to this day still make up most of the product portfolio. Production and casting were taken care of by Moodwillig, with styling by Jeanine Fettig and make-up by Esther Döppes.

MAINWORKS also presents a teaser for an exciting project with Tobias HUTZLER c/o SEVERIN WENDELER, and there’s more to come over the next few weeks.
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Mainworks : Range Rover Vogue and the Vogue Sport Shadow Edition – Fully CG Project for Landrover and Spark44 Frankfurt

Range Rover Vogue and the Vogue Sport Shadow Edition: two Premium SUVs staged in the corresponding ambience. At first glance, the photos appear monochrome, but upon closer examination, they reveal great diversity in precisely this color spectrum – a transition from blue, gray, black and cyanite hues. The corona and caustics were individually adapted and adjusted according to the position of the car.

Idea & concept came from Spark44 Frankfurt. MAINWORKS' special thanks go to Creative Director Toby Bedwell.

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