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news | 'Los Angeles' Latinx Metalhead Community' in I-D magazine, photos by Devyn GALINDO c/o MAKING PICTURES

"In an article for i-D Magazine, Devyn captures LA’s “rad, badass” Latinx metalhead subculture, the first stop on her road trip from California to Florida — a journey to capture “other queer Southerners like me and illuminate their experience through a POC lens.” Read the article here.

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news | 'Clavicle Stories', captured at the art fair FRIEZE for a special in the NEW YORK TIMES by photographer Alexander COGGIN c/o MAKING PICTURES

"At this year’s Frieze Art Fair in London, which wrapped up on Sunday, Alexander Coggin assumed the role of an art-world anthropologist for an ongoing series of what he terms “clavicle studies.” As Coggin says: “An event like Frieze comes with a coded social hierarchy courting many archetypes: the Gallerist, the Artist, the Curator, the Collector, the Critic. Every tribe ascribes to a different dress code according to their position in the art/business paradigm.&rdqu …

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news | 'Legacy' - David Beckham in the cover story of SOCCER BIBLE, portrayed by Neil Bedford c/o MAKING PICTURES

Neil Bedford c/o MAKING PICTURES met up with world-famous soccer player David Beckham for SOCCER BIBLE. The reason for the cover spread is the new DAVID BECKHAM capsule collection for ADIDAS FOOTBALL. The athlete tells us : “When I look back on the best moments of my career, the one defining theme of them all is the adidas Predator. It has always been there, helping me play my best when it mattered most. That’s why when adidas offered me the chance to design an updated version of the …

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