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news | 'Justify Nothing' – die Mercedes-Benz B-Class campaign by Dan Burn Forti c/o Making Pictures photographed on commission for Antoni in Madrid and on the Costa Del Sol

There are moments in life that call for a bit of attitude. Either for yourself or for a whole family. You don't need to justify yourself, you can just be proud: like of the new B-Class ... The Mercedes-Benz B-Class campaign was photographed by Dan Burn Forti c/o Making Pictures.

The photographer on the campaign : ‘We shot this splendid set of sun-soaked marvels in Madrid (lovely city, needs a landmark) and on the Costa Del Sol last summer over two legs. Apart from being super excited at the prospect of shooting such a beast of a clever campaign, I was also initially a little daunted by the complex techniques required. As it was a brand new, unseen version of an existing car, we were not allowed to shoot the hero models on location for fear of Jose Bloggs posting a picture on Instagram or what not and ruining the surprise. Instead, we had a stand-in model for the location shoots and the real ones to shoot at a top secret, James Bond meets Only Fools and Horses mountain hideaway...

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