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‘The magic of track and field is that you get so many diverse stories’ - World Athletics Champion Dina Asher-Smith in the GQ UK cover spread by Elliott Wilcox c/o MAKING PICTURES

Sprinter, Champion, Icon! Elliott WILCOX c/o MAKING PICTURES photographed the fastest woman in British history, Dina Asher-Smith, for the cover story in GQ UK, June 2020. The name of the issue in times of the coronavirus is the Heroes Issue.

Normally, Dina would have contended in the Olympic Games this year in Tokyo, which have – like so many other things – been postponed until next year ...  But the simpatico sportswoman is not disappointed about it: “Health comes first – if it’s too much of a risk, then that’s it. It will affect everybody’s training cycles because we all time ourselves to peak every fourth year, but I’m young, I’m probably more flexible than many, so it’s all right. I can do stuff at home; we have a Wattbike. Everybody’s in the same boat. It’s not like only one person has to wait a year. If we all had to run 110 meters tomorrow instead of 100, it might be annoying, but we’re still starting from the same place.”

More is available via GQ UK along with many more wonderful portraits by Elliott Wilcox via MAKING PICTURES and coming soon here on GoSee.
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‘Friday Night Dinner’ - the campaign for the new sitcom season, photographed by Dan BURN-FORTI c/o MAKING PICTURES for Channel 4

Dan BURN-FORTI c/o MAKING PICTURES photographed the ongoing campaign for Channel 4’s latest season of ‘Friday Night Dinner’ with a big dollop of humor. The British sitcom is focussed on the offbeat family – the Goodmans – who all come together each week for a big ‘Friday Night Dinner’. We love Dan BURN-FORTI !
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Culture Trip - the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge documented in strong motifs by Paul CALVER c/o MAKING PICTURES

Paul CALVER c/o MAKING PICTURES accompanied the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge for Culture Trip and photographed the four teams from Germany, the USA, UK and Australia on their trip 3,000 miles across the Atlantic.

The Atlantic Challenge is a rowing competition across the Atlantic. The challenge for the extreme athletes lies however not only in overcoming their fears but also in coping with the natural elements. The race, which has taken place since 2015, starts in December of each year. The course takes contenders along the barefoot sailing route from the Canary Islands to the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean. The boat classes admitted to the Atlantic Challenge include small boats such as solos, pairs and trios as well as large boats such as double fours and fives. The teams row in special boats equipped with sleeping cabins. In 2019, 35 boats participated in what Talisker deems ‘the premier event in ocean rowing’.

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