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'Justify Nothing' – die Mercedes-Benz B-Class campaign by Dan Burn Forti c/o Making Pictures photographed on commission for Antoni in Madrid and on the Costa Del Sol

There are moments in life that call for a bit of attitude. Either for yourself or for a whole family. You don't need to justify yourself, you can just be proud: like of the new B-Class ... The Mercedes-Benz B-Class campaign was photographed by Dan Burn Forti c/o Making Pictures.

The photographer on the campaign : ‘We shot this splendid set of sun-soaked marvels in Madrid (lovely city, needs a landmark) and on the Costa Del Sol last summer over two legs. Apart from being super excited at the prospect of shooting such a beast of a clever campaign, I was also initially a little daunted by the complex techniques required. As it was a brand new, unseen version of an existing car, we were not allowed to shoot the hero models on location for fear of Jose Bloggs posting a picture on Instagram or what not and ruining the surprise. Instead, we had a stand-in model for the location shoots and the real ones to shoot at a top secret, James Bond meets Only Fools and Horses mountain hideaway studio location which came complete with 24-hour, SAS-style security bods and a Ye Olde English pub. My initial trepidation was based on getting the angles, light, reflections etc exactly measured on location so that when we shot the real hero cars at the studio, we could perfectly replicate them so that they would seamlessly drop into the location shots. But as soon as we began on day one, I realized all of that was purely logical and very straight forward. In fact, it’s a piece of cake this car photography. With the lovely production skills of Barrio, some splendid help from the Lizard Q rig, Jonas the pixel wizard of Recom Farmhouse and the charming marvels that are Antoni, the whole thing was a joy and, with my newfound knowledge and pair of 50m tape measures, I now just want to shoot loads of tasty cars.’
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Nike Korea campaign photographed and filmed by Jean-Yves Lemoigne c/o Making Pictures for Wieden + Kennedy Tokyo in Seoul

Jean-Yves Lemoigne c/o Making Pictures realized the campaign for NIKE KOREA in print and motion images. It is used for digital and retail. In front of the camera stood K-Pop celebrities Chung Ha and Amber plus Korean top athletes Sung Hyun Park, number 1 golf player in the world, and Jo So Yun, soccer player with Chelsea. Production took place in Seoul on commission for Wieden and Kennedy Tokyo.
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Muscle Milk 'Strong Feels Good' campaign by Tom van Schelven c/o Making Pictures for Mekanism (production: Sister)

#strongfeelsgood! Tom van Schelven c/o Making Pictures photographed and filmed the latest campaign for MUSCLE MILK, one of the leading suppliers of protein products in the US (agency: Mekanism, production: Sister, Creative Director: Matt Stafford, Broadcast Production Supervisor: Katherine Bruens).

On set, Tom van Schelven likes to create a fun, high-energy atmosphere with lots of noise and movement. This vibrancy certainly transfers into his film and photography work which has an authentic, honest feel that differentiates it from the sort of cheesy lifestyle shoots you see elsewhere...
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