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'A Cherry Lover’s Paradise' - a seductively sweet story for The New York Times and the book project 'OH OKAY FUN' by Alexander Coggin c/o MAKING PICTURES

MAKING PICTURES brings you Alexander Coggin's brilliant documentary of the annual Cherry Festival, published in the New York Times and his new book 'Oh Okay Fun' ... "Alexander Coggin documented the annual National Cherry Festival near his hometown on Lake Michigan for The New York Times. The event dates back to about 1925…read more about it here!

In his first published book, Alexander Coggin presents odd moments captured during the last few years. Often trivial situations are pictured in a highly bizarre or coincidental way while his portraits seem to be a strange view on scenes that are slightly out of control. The book contains a conversation between Alex and Arielle Bier. And if you’re not already, start following Alex’s fantastic Instagram feed @alexandercoggin."
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'Let's get living' - the new HIVE campaign and 'Rainbow Faces' by Tom van Schelven c/o MAKING PICTURES for CHI & Partners

Tom van Schelven c/o MAKING PICTURES photographed the latest HIVE campaign for CHI & Partners, which we present you on GoSee. “Our aim was to bring the human touch to the Hive brand,” says Nicky Mackrell, Global Brand & Marketing Director, Centrica Connected Home. “We want everyone to be able to connect with the Hive experience, not just people interested in technology. 'Let’s Get Living' is designed to capture moments where smart home technology brings tangible benefits, showing everyday situations we can all relate to.”

Plus, we bring you the personal beauty production Rainbow Faces by Tom van Schelven c/o MAKING PICTURES (make-up: skill @gigiham, hair: vibezz @stefanbertin, model: @dariasophiegram, Retouch @retouchedstudios, Studio @stanleysstudios).
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CACTUS DE CARTIER short film & Dove Ice Cream print campaign by photographer and director Jean-Yves Lemoigne c/o MAKING PICTURES

Jean-Yves Lemoigne c/o MAKING PICTURES realized a short film for CARTIER with Director of Photography Kanamé Onoyama, hairstylists Alexandre Misericordia and Aurélien Storny with make-up artist Mayumi Oda. Further films by the photographer and director are available via MAKING PICTURES.

Jean-Yves also photographed the Dove Ice Cream campaign presented by MAKING PICTURES on GoSee.
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