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'Hoops' - photo and film project by Olly Burn c/o MAKING PICTURES, produced with ballers in Cape Town

In Cape Town, Olly Burn c/o MAKING PICTURES accompanied ballers for his photo and film project 'Hoops', which we are delighted to present you on GoSee.

"I am a London-based photographer, lucky to be shooting in some of the world’s most beautiful and challenging locations. From the nomadic tribes of the Somalian planes to spacefaring Mars enthusiasts, my work is constantly inspired by incredible people and amazing places..."  His clients include Adidas, AirBNB, Asics, Baileys, British Airways, Dove, Esquire, GQ, Lexus, Men’s Health, Nike, Oakley, Puma, Reebok, Samsung, Sony Music, Sony Playstation, Ted Baker, Toyota, Under Armour, and Vodafone.
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'Everything Changes' GATORADE campaign with top soccer players Gabriel Jesus, Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez by Olly Burn c/o MAKING PICTURES

Ahead of the World Cup, Olly Burn c/o MAKING PICTURES traveled to Manchester and Barcelona to photograph top soccer players Gabriel Jesus, Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez for GATORADE and the "Everything Changes" campaign by GATORADE.
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'No Shame' pop singer and producer Lily Allen in stylist magazine, photographed by Tom van Schelven c/o MAKING PICTURES

'No Shame' is the name of the new album of British pop singer Lily Allen. The release also caused a scandal since she advertised her new album with a photo of her bits... A bit more chaste was the fashion shoot with Tom van Schelven c/o MAKING PICTURES, who had the honor of staging her on the topic of color-blocking. But here as well, Lily Allen had a thing or two to say when asked about the title of the new album:

"The purveyors of shame are the patriarchy. That’s how people control women, especially the Daily Mail. The sidebar of shame [on] is a prime example: “How dare you leave the house without being in full hair & make-up, you disgusting human being! Look we’ve caught you!”

But [women] don’t only feel shame about things projected on to us, but about things we should feel proud of. I’ve been made to feel that maybe I’m not responsible for my success – maybe it is all Mark Ronson, maybe it is the record company. It’s imposter syndrome, which is shame as well. We’re as bad at not claiming things for ourselves as the people pointing the finger. We pre-empt shame that’s going to be projected on to us. Where does that come from?..:" Find the complete interview including the spread by Tom here and several more works by the photographer and director from MAKING PICTURES, who now commutes between Manchester and the Netherlands.
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