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Manuel Ferrigato photographs the Fall/Winter campaign for GORE WEAR, Gore-TEX athletes at test labs in Philadelphia and Munich: 'From our Lab to your Lab. Whatever the Weather'

For Gore Wear, Manuel Ferrigato photographed the latest Fall/Winter campaign. He accompanied Gore-TEX athletes during a material test in the Gore labs, where different weather scenarios can be realistically simulated in Philadelphia and Munich: from a light Scottish drizzle to a tropical cloudburst, whether wintery temperatures below zero or scorching heat, all with or without wind. Even the heat radiated from hot asphalt can be simulated in here.

Under different weather conditions, outfits were staged from the areas of running, road biking, mountain biking, fast hiking, and cross country skiing. 'From our Lab to your Lab. Whatever the Weather'.
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Manuel Ferrigato : Authenticity and sportiness – outdoor shots for the catalog of Sport Conrad and advertising agency NAGEL

Manuel FERRIGATO photographed the latest edition of the Sport Conrad catalog. The outdoor photos were shot in and around Garmisch-Partenkirchen. The photos capture disciplines such as running, climbing, hiking and biking in casual moments – with a focus on authenticity and sportiness. The topic of outdoors was also taken into the studio: Serving as the backdrop were drawings by Munich-based movie poster painter Rene Birken, which were created during the shoot. The outfits were staged in front of a series of new landscapes complemented decoratively by elements from nature.

Sport Conrad is a family business in Bavaria with four stores and more than 110 years of alpine experience. As a full-service client of the Garmisch-based advertising agency NAGEL, which actively supports them in all areas of advertising. Creative responsibility was in the hands of NAGEL advertising agency.
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MANUEL FERRIGATO photographs the Spring & Summer '18 campaign 'From Our Lab to Your lab' for GORE WEAR with athletes from the Gore Teams #ALWAYSEVOLVE

For GORE WEAR, MANUEL FERRIGATO photographed the Spring & Summer '18 campaign "From Our Lab..." in Barcelona on the topics of motorcycles, mountain biking and running with athletes from the Gore Team including Yoann Stuck, Lisa Mehl, Simon Gegenheimer, and Fabian Cancellara, one of the most successful cycle racers of all times. The high performance of the athletes in the photos brings research from the lab to the streets: "Always Evolve".

The GORE WEAR Lab combines an in-depth understanding of the elements and the human body with cutting-edge fabric technology to deliver highly engineered and functional performance wear. Responsible for post production of the motifs was Blink Imaging, and the commissioning agency was 1000Heads.

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