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MARC AND DAVID photograph motifs for Audi e-tron Service on commission for PHILIPP UND KEUNTJE

Whoever has experienced driving an electric car or has driven a plug-in hybrid understands the fascination of electromobility. MARC AND DAVID photographed motifs for Audi e-tron Service in Valencia, Spain. Art direction came from Annelie Kuipers, and art buying was in the hands of Karen Schwarzer.
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Pure. Authentic. Rough – MARC AND DAVID photograph the global launch campaign for the PORSCHE 718T in the Scottish Highlands for KeKo

"Pure. Authentic. Rough" KeKo Frankfurt came to us with these three words to realize the global launch campaign for the new Porsche 718T." says photographer duo MARC AND DAVID. The new 718T stands for true driving pleasure with its purist design. Reduced to a minimum of comfort, the T-series from Porsche stands for an alternative to navigation systems and autopilot. A real sports car built for the road - not for the garage.

The campaign is authentic as it gets, in the form of a road trip – a digital detox tour in the most secluded and rough landscape anywhere in Europe. That was the brief with which KeKo and Porsche commissioned the two transportation specialists. After much thought and weighing up a variety of locations in Scandinavia and on the British Isles, they chose the Scottish Highlands together with their production partner WOLKN.

Rough landscapes with breathtaking mountain peaks, barren plateaus, rugged cliff landscapes, dark lakes, secluded bogs and remote, weathered roads. The Scottish Highlands challenge the senses and awaken real emotions. The ideal backdrop to leave the stress of the big city and the digital world behind – making it the perfect location for the 718 T. Pure, authentic and rough – all attributes that make up the Porsche 718 T are reflected by these landscapes.

"With Wolkn and our local production team, Filming Scotland, we were looking for spots to give the impression of a real road trip, and depict the harsh character of the Highlands. We chose the legendary and world-famous Glencoe, the Isle of Skye as well as the most remote peninsula Applecross." says MARC AND DAVID and continues: "We started production started, and the Highlands totally lived up to their controversial weather image. Sunny moments, 5 degrees Celcius at the beginning of September, winds of up to 35 knots and continuous heavy rain alternated throughout the day – and determined each of the 12 production days. But it was particularly the weather that made the finished campaign so real and multifaceted. "A total of no less than 54 motifs were created which reflect the character of the new 718T: pure, authentic, rough.
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