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Whether driving pleasure, safety, comfort, or design – the new RAV4 has not only improved on its predecessor, it is a revolution according to TOYOTA, writing a whole new rule book in every aspect. There is only one motto for the new RAV4: No half measures. Transportation photographer Marcus Philipp Sauer and his team were commissioned by Prodigious London to stage the new TOYOTA RAV4 with its hybrid drive system in Chicago for the client TOYOTA.

Production was in the hands of Matt Production. Responsible for CGI was Flavor3D Munich, who also took care of post production in Brussels. Alongside contract work, Marcus presents a making-of film as usual with his team on GoSee.
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MARCUS PHILIPP SAUER : The new AUDI SQ2, a genuine character, was photographed for PHILIPP UND KEUNTJE in South Africa

The new AUDI SQ2 is finally out. For the occasion, transportation specialist MARCUS P. SAUER and his team had the honor of realizing a production in dreamlike Cape Town. Marcus P. Sauer was commissioned by Hamburg-based agency PHILIPP UND KEUNTJE. AUDI on its model: “The top model of the Q2 family offers the passionate power of an Audi S-model, the advantages of a modern compact SUV paired with safety and infotainment tech of the luxury class.”

“The idea was to make an honest editorial impression, without having everything polished too much in post production.” the photographer tells GoSee. We have the result and several making-of impressions for you here.
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MARCUS PHILIPP SAUER photographs the GENESIS G70 CAMPAIGN FOR INNOCEAN USA in California and a lifestyle spread with the Range G70/80/90

Marcus Philipp SAUER and his team were commissioned by Innocean USA to photograph for the third time in California, where they realized a campaign for Genesis G70 as well as an editorial lifestyle spread for the entire Range G70/80/80S and 90. The Genesis G70 is a sedan of the brand Genesis owned by Hyundai Motor Company, expected to appear on the European market as a new mid-class alternative in 2019.

“Post production came from Zerone once again and was very important and sensitive. Production was again in the hands of JB5 – never change a winning team,” the photographer tells GoSee.
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