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Cover illustration on ROCKS mag and genuine space magic and much more for BBC FOCUS mag - artwork by MAGICTORCH c/o MARGARETHE HUBAUER for you on GoSee

Classic rock fans saw it: the 'Def Leppard' cover on ROCKS magazine, illustrated by  MAGICTORCH from England. Plus the multidisciplinary studio from beautiful ocean resort Brighton a series for the cover and inside pages of BBC FOCUS magazine on topics including 'Interstellar Travel', 'Wonders of the Drone Age', 'Our Future on Mercury', 'The Biggest Ever Hunt for Alien Life', and even 'Build a Human'. Go & See!
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'Foires aux Vins' - illustrations for LES ECHOS and personal work by Philippos THEODORIDES c/o MARGARETHE HUBAUER

For LES ECHOS France, Philippos THEODORIDES illustrated the article 'Foires aux Vins' and scetched a typology of imaginary wine lovers for it. We also bring you three personal works by the illustrator on GoSee.
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Illustrations for the SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST and the WALL STREET JOURNAL, as well as a Donald Trump portrait by illustrator Ingo FAST c/o MARGARETHE HUBAUER

For the SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST, Ingo FAST illustrated a series of Op-Ed illustrations on the topics US election, trade relations with China and the US and local contentious issues of housing construction in Hong Kong.

Ingo also illustrated for the WALL STREET JOURNAL. This time with one of his typical bird's-eye views – for a story on Hershey's, one of the world's largest chocolate manufacturers.

In view of recent events, Ingo wished to portray 'TicTac Donald'. We have the motifs by the New York-resident illustrator for you here on GoSee.
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