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news | featured by kombinatrotweiss-illustration : kombinatrotweiss-illustration : enchants visitors at UPDATE-19-BERLIN with live illustrations by MARIANNA GEFEN and love quotes by BELICTA CASTELBARCO

At this year’s UPDATE-19-BERLIN, two illustrators from the agency kombinatrotweiss-illustration illustrated live at the event: Marianna GEFEN collaged visitors in their element (fire, water, air and earth). And Belicta CASTELBARCO enchanted us all with her beautiful love quotes in masterly illustrations on vintage plates.

Belicta Castelbarco is an all-round talent. She was born in Londrina, Brazil, and grew up in Milan, Italy. Without any knowledge of the German language at all, Belicta applied to the renowned Folkwang University in Essen. Only after passing the entry exam did she realize that she would have to learn German before she could begin studying. Which she did, and from then on, visited the illustration class of Professor Otto Näscher and the typography class of Professor Volker Küster. Since her successful graduation, she has been working as a freelance illustrator.

Marianna Gefen is a native of St. Petersburg. She moved to Germany with her parents at the age of ten. As...

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