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'Advertising is the common denominator of chaos – and I guess I enjoy it' GoSeeAWARDS juror Marie Gilot, Senior Creative Producer and Art Buyer, MullenLowe London in an interview on GoSee and in person at UPDATE17 BERLIN

Marie Gilot, Senior Creative Producer & Art Buyer at MullenLowe London, is supporting this year’s GoSeeAWARDS as a jury member. The passionate Producer and Art Buyer has put together international campaigns for many years and worked for several more with Spanish photography magician Eugenio Recuenco, who creates opulent and often fabulous worlds of fantasy. And photographers, stylists and creatives participating (free of charge) can certainly impress the juror of the GoSeeAWARDS with unusual, courageous works with lots of attention to detail. Marie loves photography and has a keen eye for the unusual! Plus, you can meet her in person at UPDATE17 on 6 October in Berlin. We introduce her to you in an interview.

In Madrid, you worked as a Producer and Art Buyer for MullenLowe for six years, and then you moved from the South to London last August? Working in Lola MullenLowe Madrid was an amazing experience from both a professional and personal aspect. The hunger to create and produce amazing work was always on, and the great Latin atmosphere undoubtedly made it a really vibrant place to be. Some of the work I produced there has received awards at several advertising festivals, e.g. Cannes, Epica, but one thing I also have to be grateful for is building solid relationships with people I have worked with and even long-lasting friendships (I met my boyfriend there).
However, after 7 years in sunny Madrid, I decided to take a leap in my career and leave my "comfort zone" and move to London.

And before? Can you tell us about your background? I grew up in the most depressing part of France, La Bretagne, and as soon as it was possible, I moved to Spain. From there, I got involved in a one year-year humanities program in California. I graduated from law school and found that it was not my cup of tea, so I started studying filmmaking and photography in Madrid. Over the course of my career, I have worked in various production companies and advertising agencies. I have also had the opportunity to collaborate with great directors and photographers who have passed their professional exigencies along to me and most importantly, their passion, which has guided me when working in fashion, advertising, and still life.

So you are French, lived in Spain and California, studied law & film, now London, you must be a very energetic powerhouse? I’m quite curious, like to experience new things, and I’m also pushed by the feeling that the grass is always greener at the neighbors’, so I like to go and see for myself. Each experience has always been a great enrichment, and I wish to keep doing this for a while. Right now, I am currently working as Senior Creative Producer and Art Buyer at MullenLowe London.

And what’s your goal at Mullenlowe London? I joined the MullenLowe London team a year ago and am now working as a Senior Creative Producer and Art Buyer for mainly Unilever brands. It’s such a great opportunity to live in another country and to be able to do the work you love, to get to know other markets, to learn other ways of working and also to keep growing my network. Now, I know that advertising is the same everywhere. I first thought that crazy deadlines and chaos were mainly caused by our "Latiness" and laid back attitudes. I was wrong. It’s the same in the UK. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter where you are producing, advertising is the common denominator of chaos, and I guess I enjoy it!

What do you like most in London besides the fantastic weather? London is such a great city to live in! It’s the New York of Europe.  Artistic, cultural, with entertainment, exhibitions – nothing is missing.  I enjoy living here, I only wish they could serve cold beer.  One thing that I’ve experienced is that when I am in London, I’m happy to be there. But when I’m away, I don’t want to go back.

You have worked a lot with Eugenio Recuenco  and Eric Dover – they create bizarre and complex worlds. What’s the most interesting part in working with such talents?  They are both very nice men, truly accessible with strong artistic senses and creative minds. Working with Eugenio Recuenco and Eric Dover was such a great adventure. It was interesting to be part of the process and see how their ideas come to life.  When I was briefed to produce a campaign, It was impossible to imagine or visualize what the final image would be. You will only have a clearer idea towards the very end of the process. First, they would come up with an idea and then, they would build up a story around the characters creating a unique lighting atmosphere, a complex world of beauty, drama, and antagonistic situations. And that’s what makes them unique and artists of their own kind. This approach differs totally from the advertising processes where everything is set up from the very beginning.

Any photographers you adore or collect? I follow the work of many photographers. I have a list for adv talent/ art photographers/ fashion photographers. I don’t have enough memory to remember all those names, so everything is registered in my 5 "bibles". Also, nowadays, finding talents has changed with social media and platforms like Behance and Pinterest where young talents advertise their work.

We are delighted that you will be joining us at our UPDATE salon in Berlin. What is your relationship to Berlin? It’s a real pleasure to be invited to judge the GoSee awards and attend the UPDATE salon, I’m looking forward to seeing great works and helping selecting the best ones.

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