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news | MAISON MARSIL COLOGNE – experience the southernmost boutique hotel of Iceland with an event location during the MEET COLOGNE Tour on 7 June, presented by comedy icon and XXL elf Ása Ástardóttir

"Someone entering a hotel doesn't know who they will be once they leave it again," is what Vicki Baum wrote, who worked as a chambermaid in the luxurious hotels of Berlin in the 1920s while researching for her novel Grand Hotel which has been filmed multiple times. Today, hotels still provide an exciting setting for a variety of encounters. And we too had our share of great encounters at our MAISON MARSIL. Some have left engaged to marry, others found a new home with us, and a few even found their way to us from Iceland. And many of our guests have become friends... which is why we decided to present our little boutique hotel as the southernmost hotel in Iceland paired with the perfect storytelling during a MEET COLOGNE Tour on 7 June. A group of international event planners will take part in the somewhat unusual tour of the hotel...

A former broker started out his career as an investment banker in Reykjavik. But after the stock market crash, he was forced to pursue plan B. So,...

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