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featured by JULIA WALDMANN : ‘Brave New World’ in SCENTURY magazine – concept, set and photos by Mathilde KARRÈR c/o JULIA WALDMANN

SCENTURY magazine : “When we asked our friend and photographer Mathilde Karrèr to create another brilliant still life series to celebrate fragrance, we had opulent and beautiful imagery in mind. But then COVID-19 hit, and we simply couldn’t proceed with business as usual. In fact, we felt the urge to harness everything that comes with these uncharted, strange human experiences, often painful but sometimes surprisingly heartfelt, to create something meaningful that would acknowledge the exceptional nature of this global event.

Today we’re eager to unveil the results of the shoot: a story of perseverance and hope, of new life sprouting from chaos and debris. The rise of a brave new world. Read more about Mathilde Karrèr’s ideas and motivation behind the series below. This photo series was co-published with Stylemate magazine, and is accompanied by a thought-provoking essay written by Stylemate Editor-in-Chief, Nina Prehofer, about the human condition under lockdown.” GoSee :

About – SCENTURY, the very first online magazine for perfume storytelling, founded in 2013. Our goal is to redefine the way you talk and think about fragrance. SCENTURY was initiated by Helder Suffenplan and has ever since become a reference in the world of perfume – for industry insiders, aficionados and everyone interested in all things beautiful and sensual. Aided by creative writers and visual artists, SCENTURY translates perfume into stories and images – a language we all understand. A global network of creative innovators and fragrance experts helps us to keep you up-to-date with everything fragrant. SCENTURY is also a platform for the creatives behind the brands, perfumers and founders, who share their passion for fragrance with you in interviews and collaborations. We hope you like what we’re doing. May the scent be with you!
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featured by JULIA WALDMANN : Mathilde KARRER c/o JULIA WALDMANN stages three poems by Marlo Star for the NAPKIN POETRY REVIEW, London

For London’s NAPKIN POETRY REVIEW, which was founded as a lockdown project by Anna Seidel and Caroline King, Mathilde KARRER c/o JULIA WALDMANN staged three poems by poet Marlo Star. Concept & styling also came from Mathilde.

Mathilde Karrer : “Poetry is an art I appreciate but had forgotten about. I needed to take time to let the words sink in and find a space in my head where they could sit for a minute. No rushing, no instant gratification. It felt like I was using a long-forgotten part of my brain again.”

THE BOX by Marlo Starr
My problem is rarely
recklessness. Coiled between
syllables, I measure
the distance one might run
from pole to pole without
being seen. The only rule
one needn’t take to heart:
proximity to threat
is one sort of safety.
An arrow spins wildly
around its ordinals,
where the swelling silence
unbrackets memory.
Like the boy in the pit
who pried apart my lips,
his sandbox fingernail
raked hard across my gums,
I am trying to break
open. I told no one.
I am telling you now.

Digital poetry magazine NAPKIN POETRY REVIEW on the author : “It has been such an honor to share work by Marlo Starr, an MFA candidate in the Writing Seminars at Johns Hopkins. She received her PhD in English from Emory University in 2018. Her poetry and prose have appeared in The Threepenny Review, Berfrois, Queen Mob’s Teahouse, The Atlas Review, Monkeybicycle, and elsewhere.”

A note from the editors : “The Box pries open the encasements of memory and language stored first in the mouth. We are encouraged to tell our secrets but once out, they’re no longer ours to control and protect. Steadily, the poem breaks its well-reined silence and invites a second reading of clues folded in from the first line.” GoSee :
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