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'Gone Fishin' – is the name of the weekend tip for you by photographer and Art Director MATHILDE KARRÈR, and we have the personal high-end accessories spread on GoSee

'It's a beautiful Saturday, let's go outside. But let's do it in style... How about some Gucci loafers or a Fendi bag to keep your rods in? Who knows, you might fish up something valuable...? 'MATHILDE KARRÈR tells GoSee about her spread where high-class accessories meet fishing hooks and Co. We are delighted to present you the creative cooperation between photographer and Art Director MATHILDE KARRÈR with stylist Sanne van Gestel. The title design came from Eric Adrian Lee.
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'A different kind of Spring' Mathilde Karrer stages 12 handpicked flacons with flower bouquets and accessories for Scentury Mag

Still life photographer Mathilde Karrèr, known for her elaborate arrangements and opulent floral decorations, presents 'A different kind of Spring' here on GoSee with a total of 12 spring essentials created for SCENTURY MAGAZINE. "To celebrate the season of renewal, I was asked to shoot and style, 12 handpicked fragrances that are perfect for spring. The result, a lush, multifaceted collage of fragrant flowers, decorative trouvailles, and eclectic travel memorabili I collected throughout my travels. Discover new beginnings, accompanied by olfactive literary vignettes by Scentury founder Helder Suffenplan," says the photographer.

"Karrèr’s goal as a photographer is to create a narrative, not just a beautiful image. With strong ideas about concept and art direction, she loves assembling complex still lifes that combine historic souvenirs with interesting finds she’s collected throughout her own world travels. When a matchbook from a hotel in the tropics, a subway ticket from New York City, and chips from an unknown exotic casino come together in a single image, these unrelated objects suddenly start to tell a story. They arouse memories of journeys made, movies seen, and dreams dreamed, lived, and discarded. We couldn’t help but draw a strong parallel between Karrèr’s creative approach and the way that perfume invokes innuendos and awakens memories. Indeed, Mathilde is a fragrance lover. The first scent she ever bought for herself was Nina Ricci’s classic L’Air du Temps, simply because she liked the bottle. Today, she chooses more contemporary brands and counts Comme de Garçons’ Kyoto and Loewe’s Woman 001 among her favorites." (SCENTURY MAGAZINE)
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