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Matthias Aletsee : 'Road Efficiency – Miratrans brings fresh produce from Spain into Europe's supermarkets' – a reportage for Mercedes Benz Transport magazine

El Montes and Transport subsidiary Miratrans make sure big supermarkets throughout Europe are well stocked for their customers all year round. The peerless approach of Mercedes Benz management is to promote the Actros with the new OM 471 now in the second generation. Matthias Aletsee produced a reportage with the transporter for Mercedes Benz Transport magazine on Spain's Costa Blanca coast. Created at the shoot over the course of several days were dynamic travel shots and reportage photos. The agency was PRH Hamburg Kommunikation GmbH, which realizes international customer magazines as well as creative digital solutions. Director was Lars Kruse.
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Matthias Aletsee : trailrunning productions at Lake Rappensee and Lake Schrecksee, die Motive für Euch auf GoSee

In June and July 2016, photographer MATTHIAS ALETSEE realized two shoots in the Allgaeu Alps, one on Lake Rappensee near Oberstdorf at 2091 meters altitude and the second at Kälbelespitze near Lake Schrecksee in the Hinterstein region at a good 2,135 meters altitude. The athletes had equipment from the Munich-based company EVOC for the Lake Schrecksee shoot. Evoc manufactures sport backpacks, bags, luggage, and accessories for mountain bikes, bikes, skis and snowboards, camera equipment and for travel.

The individual shoots took place in the twilight atmosphere at sundown. The almost three-hour ascent to the locations is only possible on foot. Matthias describes the extensive effort to GoSee: “Three approx. 23 kg heavy backpacks with camera and lighting equipment were carried up the mountain by the team. The three-hour descent in complete darkness after the succesful shoot was undertaken with the aid of head lamps. So we would like to thank EVOC very much for the friendly support.” We have the result for you on GoSee.
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Matthias Aletsee : CGI Mercedes AMG GT, Nico Rosberg for Mercedes Benz Transport Magazine, plus a landscape portfolio

Last year, the transportation photographer traveled to the Silverstone Circuit in England where he had Nico Rosberg for Mercedes Benz Transport Magazine in front of his camera. During the shoot, he created backplates for a personal CGI spread. The vehicle depicted on the CGI motifs is the Mercedes AMG GT.

We also present an expressive landscape motif, which was created last fall during a production in the Allgäu mountains. The trail runner on the motif is the photographer's brother, Florian Aletsee. The SLS motif was produced at a shoot for Mercedes Benz Transport Magazine, under the executive of the agency PRH Hamburg. The third motif is the result of a job for the company DEKRA in a large logistics warehouse near Munich. “The great view from the very top was reward enough for the short trip to the roof of the building,” Matthias tells GoSee. Several more landscape and transportation motifs can be seen directly on Matthias' website.
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