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Max Threlfall photographs the crew of the Alan Kurdi vessel committed to civil sea rescue in the Mediterranean during the music video shoot for ‘Wenn ich gehen muss’ by Rapper TUA

Max Threlfall accompanied rapper Tua during the film shoot for the new music video “Wenn ich gehen muss” (If I have to go) and portrayed the crew of the Alan Kurdi vessel, committed to civil sea rescue in the Mediterranean. The video is an appeal to society to deal with the brutal reality on Europe’s borders in the Mediterranean. “I wanted to make a music video that you can hardly stand to watch – because the situation today is so unbearable.” says Tua.

The video was created according to the idea from Jung von Matt together with aid organization Sea-Eye. Tua would like to set and example for civil sea rescue and donates all proceeds from the track to Sea-Eye. Here is the link to the disturbing making-of video:

Sea-Eye is a German aid organization for rescuing people in distress at sea, mainly refugees in the Mediterranean. The NGO is headquartered in Regensburg. GoSee:
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Welcome to Gülpe in Havelland – Max Threlfall photographs an editorial for WALDEN, the outdoor magazine from GEO

MAX THRELFALL and male model Daniel drove to the darkest town in Germany and produced an editorial for WALDEN – the magazine for everyone who likes to be outdoors. Nowhere else is the night as dark and the stars brighter than in Gülpe in Havelland. The two friends camped there and spent a weekend with the Defender in and with nature. We have the result for you on GoSee.

Gülpe, located around 70 km west of Berlin, is among the places in Germany with the least light pollution at night so that the town with the nature reserve Westhavelland was named Germany’s first star park in 2014. GoSee:

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NEW at GoSee : Max Threlfall, photographer based in Berlin; we present you his editorial for CRAFTRAD magazine, photographed in Portland, Oregon

NEW at GoSee is Berlin-based photographer MAX THRELFALL, specialized in people photography in the area of lifestyle. Max loves to travel and to photograph. Which leads to the creation of his laid-back spreads not only in Berlin but around the world.

As an introduction, we present you a spread for CRAFTRAD magazine, created on a trip across the USA. On the way, Max gladly made a stop in his favorite city Portland where he accompanied motorcycle aficionados and motorcycle mechanics over the course of five days. CRAFTRAD, stands for – whether printed or digital – authentic, high-quality and at times profound stories all about the topic of motorcycles, craftsmanship, lifestyle and travel. We have the result for you on GoSee.

Since 2017, photographer and director Max Threlfall has been represented by Greta Horsch, who in addition, after plenty of art buying, develops creative concepts and realizes communication campaigns meanwhile as a freelancer. Meet Greta in person at UPDATE-19-BERLIN. And it’s this way to the magazine:

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