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Dominik Mentzos photographs 'Extinction of a Minor Species' – the poster campaign for the new production of the Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company

Dominik Mentzos, represented by GoSee member SEVERIN WENDELER, has accompanied the impulsive dance performances of the Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company. The new piece Extinction of a Minor Species had its debut at the end of April in Frankfurt. The piece will soon be performed in Dresden Hellerau. Dominik stood once again behind the camera and knew precisely how to create the teasers for the production with his exciting print motifs.

“Extinction of a Minor Species structures itself around a series of acts with dance as its hallmark. In this “environment of actions”, an out-of-time narrative permeates the atmosphere to figure purposefully, the boundaries of uncertainty in the construction of an artistic space, where dance, choreography and body empower a furtherance of an aesthetic resistance.
 The imagery of Extinction of a Minor Species centres essentially on the human body. Before the space is always the body. Bodies are everywhere in this performance – implied, represented or transformed choreographically and artistically. Body images recall us of the Antiquity and of mythical wars. Abyssal creatures and cyborg-fauns lurk on stage while godlike beings whispers in unknown tongues. But, we are not able to understand the language of the body and the flesh anymore.”

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Dominik Mentzos : People shoot for DAIMLER FINANCIAL SERVICES

Here on GoSee we bring you several motifs by photographer DOMINIK MENTZOS which were created for DAIMLER FINANCIAL SERVICES. The various subject areas with the completely different ethnic groups were realized in the greater Hamburg area. Daimler Financial Services AG together with the Mercedes-Benz Bank offers automobile relevant financial services. Dominik Menztos is represented by GoSee member SEVERIN WENDELER.
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Dominik Mentzos : People shoot for MERCEDES BENZ LEASING and Jung von Matt Elbe

Dominik MENTZOS c/o SEVERIN WENDELER presents 10 motifs from his people shoot for Mercedes Benz Leasing GmbH . “The motifs were realized in and around Hamburg. The brief was to stage them with superior sporty, stylish flair full of emotion. The focus was not so much on the details of the vehicles but on making the various Mercedes Benz Rent topics emotionally accessible,” the photographer tells GoSee. Production was in the hands of NU PROJECTS.
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