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news | Mirage Magazine : No.3 Vanishing Point. 20 editorials on 400 pages. And the big question: 'Do similar utopias still exist today?'

The third issue of MIRAGE magazine was produced between a Beachwood Canyon bungalow, LA Coffeshops, a beach house in Cape Town and Neil Young LPs on the BeoMaster. ‘The lyrics by Neil Young are usually about the elevating feeling of being young: The hope, the bitter-sweet, the ecstasy and the constant desire to move on”, explains Frank Rocholl, co-editor of Mirage together with Henrik Purienne. “The desire, to postpone growing up for as long as possible is what interests us. The wish to just pack your things and get out, before the complexity of adult life grabs you and won't let go...’

The unique spirit of freedom so prevalent in the 1960s and 1970s becomes tangible in the 20 editorials spread across the 400 pages of the magazine. It feels as if a young Brigitte Bardot is still hanging out on the beach in St. Tropez, the Rolling Stones have just finished recording 'Exile on Main Street' and Nastasja Kinski is late for a Roman Polanski casting.

It may sound like the stuff...

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