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news | Monica Menez photographs and directs for the new music video 'Grille' by DIE ORSONS – a rhythmic-elegant pastel dance between pompadours and XL shrimp

Together with singer Maseckes from the band DIE ORSONS, MONICA MENEZ developed the concept for the new music video 'Grille'. Production of the video in cooperation with the band carries the unmistakable, wonderfully playful signature of Monica Menez. It is applied particularly in fashion films known to win awards at international film festivals. In front of the camera alongside the band and extras for this dream in pastel stood BRODY BOOKING models with wonderful hairdos.

Die Orsons – described on a fansite as 'Rammstein with a sugar rush' – are constantly on the road. On tour, the band has to drive to the next venue far to early in the morning. So that the members still get a chance to party, Die Orsons invented the microparty. Hit the club, dance 10 minutes, give it all you got and leave the club for the next city. The first microparty in the world took place in Münster, at the famous, mystical 'Grille' – record label Chimperator Productions on the title.

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