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news | Photographer Monica Menez stages the Aërias Chair on commission for the Ippolito Fleitz Group and the client ClassiCon

As traditional wickerwork interweaves with haute couture und high-tech wood processing, a unique piece of furniture with a highly individual character arises. We present: the Aërias chair and armchair for ClassiCon. The story told by Aërias is that of lightness, of airy design paired with strong character. It is presented as a semi-transparent layer in the surrounding space and enriches the scene with its individual structure and an extraordinary interplay of shadows.

"A supremely comfortable seat and backrest are woven over a meticulously milled, moulded wood frame in our personal interpretation of traditional Viennese wickerwork. The meshwork is enlarged and reinterpreted using leather strips, which brings an entirely new quality to an accustomed structure. High-quality craftsmanship characterizes the design and epitomizes the ClassiCon brand." CLASSICON on its beautiful chair which was portrayed with contemporary flair by a master of aesthetically sensual mise en scène in...

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